HeyWire Named a 2015 “Hot Vendor” by Aragon Research

PRESS RELEASE: HeyWire®, the leading enterprise text messaging service enabling businesses to deliver the future of mobile customer engagement announced it has been named a “Hot Vendor” in mobile collaboration by Aragon Research for its cutting-edge approach to using mobile messaging, integrated with CRM systems to speed sales and increase customer satisfaction.

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In today’s mobile-first world, smart sales teams have already discovered the power of text messaging over auto-dialers. HeyWire’s LiveText™ apps are built to even better equip teams to conduct sales and support via text through the cloud messaging service from their desktops, tablets and smartphones. One HeyWire customer used text to respond to inbound inquires and increased its close rate by 32 percent. Because of its revolutionary service, which recognizes and enables text as the major sales and support channel that it already is today, Aragon Research has named HeyWire a 2015 “Hot Vendor,” alongside Slack and Lua.

“Being recognized as a ‘Hot Vendor’ by Aragon Research underscores the capabilities and strength of HeyWire’s solutions to enable businesses and a growing majority of their customers to connect in their preferred manner – text,” said Meredith Flynn-Ripley, CEO of HeyWire. “Messaging has become the standard channel that mobile individuals use to communicate on a daily basis. HeyWire makes it easy for companies to meet their customers’ mobile messaging needs and increase their sales and business efficiencies at the same time.”

The HeyWire LiveText™ service text-enables 1-800 and business office phone numbers and provides easy-to-use messaging apps, integrated with CRM systems starting with Salesforce, for customer-facing professionals. Now, everyone from individual field sales personnel to teams of contact center service agents can easily and securely message for business. HeyWire enables full, two-way text conversations between customers and businesspeople, and provides technology that builds stronger customer relationships, breaking the current notion that business texting is limited to messaging with machines.

“HeyWire and the other companies listed in our ‘Hot Vendors’ report are driving positive business results through their innovative solutions and services, and have been proven to make a difference in business outcomes,” said Jim Lundy, CEO and lead analyst, Aragon Research. “With its focus on sales communications and customer engagement, as well as its integration with existing business phone numbers and CRM applications, HeyWire is empowering people to work in the way they are most comfortable and productive.”

HeyWire LiveText apps are available today on the iOS and Android operating systems, Web browsers and desktops, and seamlessly integrate mobile text messaging with leading CRM and contact center systems.