Invoca Introduces New Call Intelligence Platform, Converts $5B in Sales for Customers

PRESS RELEASE: Invoca, the call intelligence company unveiled the new Invoca Call Intelligence Platform, giving marketers the power to integrate inbound phone calls across dozens of third-party technologies. With Invoca Connect, an all new integrations hub, marketers can tap into rich intelligence about callers and conversations and optimize the customer journey in real time across virtually any channel or device.

Today Invoca also announces the company has helped its customers convert $5 billion in sales, up from $2.5 billion last reported in July 2014. These customers will gain immediate access to the Call Intelligence Platform’s new features, including Invoca Connect; Invoca Engage, a real-time automation manager; and a newly minted user experience.

This new product release comes at a time when mobile use, including phone calls made on mobile devices, reaches a tipping point. Google recently announced mobile search has overtaken desktop search in at least ten countries, and businesses are changing the way they interact with customers as a result. As leaders like Facebook and Google build in functionality to streamline the online-to-offline journey, more consumers are using their phones to call businesses, and companies are increasingly connecting the dots.

“Consumers now spend the majority of their digital lives on mobile devices, and we’re seeing a groundswell of marketers demanding tools that can help them gain insights and act in real time when that mobile behavior turns into a phone call,” said Eric Holmen, executive vice president of sales, marketing and services at Invoca. “Digital marketing efforts produce valuable inbound phone calls, and marketers need visibility into every part of the mobile experience. With the growing number of tools marketers are now using, we knew we needed to create a platform to work seamlessly with any sales or marketing solution. The Invoca Connect does just that — bringing phone calls into the digital age as a core part of any marketing strategy.”

With the rise in mobile search, digital marketing is driving more phone calls than ever before. Invoca recently reported that in 2014 more than half of all calls to businesses (54 percent) stemmed from engagement on a mobile device. Call intelligence is critical in helping marketers turn phone calls into marketing and sales opportunities by analyzing and optimizing the complete customer journey, both online and off.

“At HubSpot, we seek to empower customers with more tools for managing and improving their marketing programs,” said Meghan Keaney Anderson, director of product marketing at HubSpot, an Invoca partner. “Mobile is the go-to platform for customers to interact with brands, so it’s imperative that marketers are able to capture, connect and analyze customer data across all touch points and quickly use those insights to better serve customers and maximize their long-term value. The Invoca Call Intelligence Platform makes it easier for marketers to have visibility into the channels driving inbound calls.”

“Invoca’s Call Intelligence Platform is a critical piece of our marketing technology,” said Jason Owen, vice president of acquisition marketing at Vivint. “It gives us powerful insights into call data and analytics, allowing us to make more informed decisions quickly.”

The New Invoca Call Intelligence Platform includes:

Invoca Answer – Call and voice analytics engine: Marketers can analyze calls like they do clicks, creating real-time caller profiles, attributing calls to the marketing source that drove them, and analyzing voice conversations as they take place. With this intelligence, marketers can optimize campaigns across any channel to drive more high-converting live conversations.

Invoca Engage – Real-time engagement manager: Users can automate the customer journey in real time, taking immediate action in Invoca and third party applications based on what they learn about the caller before, during or after the call. For example, while the phone is ringing, a salesperson on the other end will see a screen pop up in Salesforce that provides valuable insights about the customer before they even pick up.

Invoca Connect – Omni-channel call integration: Invoca Connect allows marketers to incorporate call intelligence into almost any marketing program they’re already running, including attribution platforms, CRM, call center software, bid management platforms, marketing automation solutions, DMP and DSP platforms, and more — creating one cohesive campaign that can be tracked and optimized both online and off. With this new hub, Invoca adds dozens of new integration points, including Microsoft Dynamics, to a list that already includes leading solutions like Invoca for Google Adwords, Salesforce, Adobe, Doubleclick, Kenshoo, HubSpot and Marin. Invoca Connect was built with the innovating marketer in mind and integrates seamlessly into any marketing stack.

Invoca’s Call Intelligence Platform includes a reimagined user interface. Key features include real-time dashboards where users can view “vital stats” including call volume, call duration, top campaigns and conversion rate of calls. Marketers can also easily toggle between campaigns, interact with more than 60,000 publishers, and drill down into each campaign with a variety of different views depending on their needs or goals.