MariaDB MaxScale® keeps LeadDesk call centers in front

PRESS RELEASE: MariaDB® Corporation, an industry leader in high performance, open source database solutions for SaaS and the cloud announced its latest customer, Finnish call centre software provider, LeadDesk. With over four million calls and 100,000 orders handled each week on its platform, LeadDesk has become one of Europe’s leading providers of contact centre technology.

Each week 5,000 agents, spread across more than 10 countries, make over four million calls on LeadDesk’s platform. Currently, LeadDesk manages over 1,500 databases of internal and external data, a figure growing at 10 to 15 databases per week. LeadDesk needed its cloud-based infrastructure to scale quickly to keep up with the demands of its customers, such as Manpower Group and Intrum Justitia.

LeadDesk’s IT infrastructure, built on the LAMP technology stack, was under pressure and could not match the data growth LeadDesk was experiencing. The company could not afford any latency greater than ten milliseconds for its customers or any unplanned downtime. LeadDesk looked for a solution to increase performance of their multi-tenant database environment, without requiring complex changes to the application.

After looking at competing products, LeadDesk chose MariaDB MaxScale. MariaDB offered the following capabilities to solve LeadDesk’s challenges:

● Flexibility to enable real-time database changes for contact centre agents, without affecting application performance.
● Scalability via easy sharding, without application changes, by utilizing MaxScale plugins.
● Quick deployment of MaxScale, leading to easy database migrations, across different datacenters.
● Maintaining high availability by separating some databases from other production environments through MaxScale.

Olli Nokso-Koivisto, Chief Executive Officer at LeadDesk said: “We have a rapidly expanding business that needs to securely handle vast amounts of data in a fast moving technological and regulatory environment. MariaDB’s solution, support and services enable us to stay focused on our core business. With MariaDB MaxScale, there is no technical limit for scalability through sharding, and we were able to deploy quickly without having to modify our applications. MariaDB is the best in town for cloud database solutions and this is why we chose MaxScale over others.”

He added: “MariaDB MaxScale freed us from the growing pains we were experiencing with the performance limitations of MySQL databases and applications. We plan to grow our relationship with MariaDB in the near future.”

Patrik Sallner, Chief Executive Officer at MariaDB commented, “LeadDesk and MariaDB are both focused on growing their business. However customer service will suffer unless the technology scales demand. We are proud LeadDesk chose to use MariaDB MaxScale to grow its business. We are excited by the work we have done with LeadDesk and look forward to a promising partnership in the future.”