Teliqo hosted telephony integration helps SugarCRM users connect with customers

PRESS RELEASE: Direct hosted telephony vendor Teliqo has announced that its telephony platform now integrates directly with SugarCRM – one of the market’s most innovative, flexible and affordable CRM solutions. SugarCRM is focused on fusing CRM with the customer journey. Direct integration with the Teliqo Direct telephony solution will help companies connect more easily with customers – streamlining customer engagement and dramatically improving sales productivity.

SugarCRM is all about empowering individuals with the right information at key points throughout the customer journey. Teliqo Direct provides SugarCRM with simple one-click dialling, enabling users to place and receive calls without ever having to leave their SugarCRM application. Calls can be recorded and stored automatically in the contact record within SugarCRM. The Teliqo integrated platform will enable SugarCRM to instantly display the relevant customer record on screen as the call comes in.

The announcement follows Teliqo’s recent integration of its hosted telephony solution with Salesforce.

“Effective customer engagement requires both insight and action, so it makes sense to ensure that it’s as easy as possible for your sales, support and marketing staff to reach out to customers. Integrating telephony directly with SugarCRM enables more value to be unlocked from existing CRM investments, particularly in terms of operational productivity and increased customer responsiveness,” said Teliqo’s Chief Executive Officer, Simon Hochhauser.

With Teliqo Direct, SugarCRM users simply need to click on customer contact numbers to make outbound calls, while incoming contacts are immediately identified and users are presented with key contact details and recent actions. All incoming and outgoing contacts can also be automatically logged and recorded by SugarCRM, providing organisations with a detailed record of all customer engagement activities. Integration with Teliqo Direct offers advanced UC features such as click-to-dial, instant messaging, voicemail management, presence, screen pop-ups, on-screen notifications and call recording.

Built on an in-house developed platform based on open source technology, Teliqo Direct is particularly easy to set up and configure. With Teliqo Direct, SugarCRM users can start unlocking telephony cost savings from day one, achieving significant productivity improvements through more efficient contact and reporting.

Teliqo’s direct approach also means that customers always benefit from engaging with the in-house team that developed the original hosted telephony solution. This ensures they get a CRM/telephony solution that’s configured precisely to support the way their business needs to work – with no resellers and their attendant cost margins getting in the way.