Increased Demand for U.S. Based Call Center Services is Creating Small Business Opportunities with Arise Virtual Solutions

PRESS RELEASE: Arise Virtual Solutions Inc., the leader in crowdsourced, work-from-home solutions, is leveraging its unique infrastructure, and support service, to open the door to entrepreneurs who want to run their own virtual call centers.

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After years of outsourcing call center work offshore, companies have begun to homeshore these opportunities due to customer dissatisfaction with their interactions with overseas call centers. According to a Wall Street Journal survey, as a group, those North American companies that outsourced their customer service saw a drop in their score on the American Consumer Satisfaction Index. A positive customer experience is of the utmost importance. More than 85% of consumers will quit doing business with a company after a negative customer experience; that amounts to billions in lost revenue. Customer experience is a competitive differentiator for many U.S. brands. As such, a recent survey of global contact center industry leaders found that just over half of the world’s call centers are now located in the United States.

The call center services industry generates $18 billion a year. An industry of this size represents a considerable opportunity for companies, both large and small, but provides a particular advantage for small businesses. Especially when they are virtual as they can provide services at a much more competitive cost than traditional business process outsourcers and brick and mortar contact centers.

The average cost to start a brick and mortar call center is $3 million dollars. However, Arise removes the barriers of entry for small businesses to enter the call center market. The average call center company that partners with Arise has startup costs of just $200 – $2000*.

Arise provides small call center vendors access to cutting-edge technologies, solid infrastructure, and a readily available client base, which includes many Fortune 500 companies. Arise makes it easier for small businesses to get in the call center industry, on their own terms, and is committed to providing the technology and infrastructure that small businesses need to build a successful call center business.

Many entrepreneurial-minded people are drawn to the call center industry, using Arise infrastructure, due to the freedom and flexibility that it affords them. Joining the Arise vendor network provides call center companies the freedom to grow and scale based on their needs, at their pace – without an outrageous investment in start-up capital.

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Arise maintains an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

*Start-up costs include cost of background check, CSP101 certification class and $30 – $189 in client certification class enrollment. Equipment costs may vary (high speed internet, phone equipment, dedicated phone line). Incorporation fees vary by state.