Delivery Surveys from SPLICE Software Give Companies Insights on “Last Mile” Service Satisfaction

PRESS RELEASE: Making a great first impression with customers is important, but it’s the most recent customer touch that tends to linger in consumers’ minds. Thanks to the widespread use of “last mile” delivery services by ecommerce companies and organizations that contract out merchandise delivery, that last impression is often a mystery. SPLICE Software, an industry leader in the customer experience sector, aims to change that with the launch of a new delivery survey solution.

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The SPLICE Delivery Survey Program harnesses the power of the human voice and the immediacy of the delivery event to gather critical customer satisfaction data that can help companies improve loyalty and drive future sales. A fully customizable solution, the SPLICE Delivery Survey Program empowers users to survey customers by region, city, or delivery team to make sure the delivery process meets merchant expectations and fulfills the company’s brand promise.

The program uses personalized caller ID to prepare customers for participation, and provides voice surveys that generate double the average response rates of email surveys, which is typically less than 30%. Program participants benefit from the extensive knowledge and support of the SPLICE team, which has made a science out of turning moderately satisfied customers into active promoters as measured by Net Promoter Score (NPS) standards.

Companies that participate in the program can conduct A/B testing scenarios to ensure that they use the most effective survey questions to solicit feedback and then rely on SPLICE Software’s advanced metrics and reporting solutions to continue to refine survey strategies. By working with the SPLICE team, they can implement best practices to ensure that they close the feedback loop and generate measurable results.

SPLICE Software makes participation incredibly easy for customers – they receive a call with a familiar caller ID indicating that it is related to the recent delivery, and surveys can be completed in under two minutes. SPLICE voice messages reach 95% of all contacts, and the data generated can be transmitted within minutes of receipt, either via upload or API.

“The SPLICE Delivery Survey Program takes the ‘voice of the customer’ concept to a whole new level,” said Tara Kelly, CEO and President of SPLICE Software. “Instead of a monologue, it’s a conversation. Companies can quickly identify issues with delivery services so they can make sure customers have a positive experience from end-to-end, which improves loyalty, turns lukewarm customers into advocates, drives revenue, and generates more leads.”