Improve Customer Experience in the Contact Center With New Clicktools Solution

PRESS RELEASE: Contact centres will gain a vital tool to streamline agent workflows, create more consistent and satisfying customer experiences, and reduce agent on-boarding times with the release of Clicktools for Contact Centers, according to Callidus Software Inc., a global leader in cloud-based sales, marketing, learning and customer experience solutions.

The new Clicktools edition, is a call scripting solution focused on improving agent workflows and boosting productivity. The solution enables users, to create powerful, dynamic call scripts that guide agents to ask only pertinent questions, solving issues more quickly for a better customer experience. With Clicktools’ CRM integration, critical customer data is at agents’ fingertips enabling them to identify additional revenue opportunities.

“For any company that depends on contact centers, whether for customer support, telemarketing or inside sales, enabling agents to deliver a consistently good experience for the customer is a big challenge,” said David Jackson, CallidusCloud’s VP and General Manager, Engagement Solutions. “The Clicktools technology is ready-made to address this issue. Combining the Contact Centers edition with the Lead to Money suite is a powerful proposition, unique to CallidusCloud, that connects agent pay with customer feedback and call script data, ensuring that every interaction deepens the relationship with the customer.”

As part of the CallidusCloud Lead to Money Suite, data on how effectively agents use the scripts and the feedback gathered from customers based on their interactions can be used as key drivers for agent compensation. This creates a powerful pay-for-performance environment where contact centers become a competitive differentiator.

“The solution also allows users to schedule follow-up or escalation activities, ideal for government help/advice lines, fundraising, inbound sales calls and outbound marketing. And because its workflow makes it easy to capture conversations, regulatory compliance is ensured; a major requirement for highly regulated industries such as financial services and insurance,” said Jackson.

The solution will be available in general release from August 2015.