Sabio wins 2015 ‘Best Supporting Customer’ award at FinancialForce Community Day

PRESS RELEASE: Sabio, the leading contact centre technology specialist, has received’s 2015 ‘Best Supporting Customer’ award at the cloud ERP provider’s recent Community Day held at BAFTA in London.

Sabio first implemented PSA in 2012 and in more recent years has successfully implemented further products including Service Contracts and Revenue Management. The award was presented in recognition of its enthusiasm in sharing feedback and recommendations following the successful deployment of FinancialForce Professional Services Automation (PSA) across its operations. At the FinancialForce Community Day, Sabio’s Project Systems & Quality Manager, Mike Woods, spoke about how FinancialForce PSA has streamlined project planning, ensuring more consistent resource allocations and an end to disjointed internal systems.

“At Sabio we’re benefiting by having at the heart of our business, and we’re committed to sharing our project experience with the broader FinancialForce community,” explained Mike Woods. “Using FinancialForce PSA we’re now producing management information in 45 minutes that used to take us two weeks, and we’ve succeeded in virtually eradicating our use of time-consuming Excel spreadsheets as a result of our project. It’s great that recognises our commitment to their solution. We’ve found that the more we put into, the more we’re getting out, and we would encourage other customers to adopt the same approach.

Jeremy Roche, CEO and President of added, “It was a great pleasure to present Sabio with the Best Supporting Customer award at our annual Community Day. Sabio has always been a dedicated promoter of our products since we began working with them when they implemented FinancialForce PSA and subsequently further products including Service Contracts and Revenue Management. They actively share their customer journey and the benefits that our products have brought to their business. In addition, the team has been a great support at many of our customer events including webinars and Community Days and assisting us in planning and hosting future customer events. We really appreciate all their time and support.”