Verint Presents Customer Engagement Leadership Awards at Engage 2015 Conference

PRESS RELEASE: Verint® Systems announced the winners of its Engage Global Customer Awards program. This year’s recipients were recognized at the Engage™ 2015 global customer conference in Las Vegas for outstanding accomplishments using Verint solutions in three categories: enriching interactions, improving processes and optimizing the workforce. Organizations vied for the title of “winner” and “highly commendable” in each category.

Overall Winner: USAA

USAA’s Yumi Haney, manager decision science analytics, was recognized as the overall Engage Global Customer Awards winner for the company’s deployment of Verint Speech Analytics™. With the solution, Haney and her team have focused on standardizing the organization’s call study process to be repeatable and incorporated Six Sigma and business research methods into the initiative. Her team also has connected the big data collected from the software to create actionable intelligence with context, which has helped identify relevant insights that have improved customer engagement across the organization. In doing so, the team connects the dots of members’ cross-channel journeys, which enhances the organization’s ability to conduct root cause analysis and identify issues and opportunities at particular touch points. This interaction data, incorporated with speech analysis, has enabled USAA to uncover more than $14 million in operational efficiencies.

Enriching Interactions Awards

Winner: Snap-on

Heather Shafer, business analyst with Snap-on CCC, was named the winner in the Engage Global Customer Awards for enriching interactions through Verint Customer Analytics™. By using Verint Speech Analytics within the voice channel, Shafer and team have been working towards improving the company’s customer experience by listening to identified calls to gain a deeper understanding of current customer trends. According to Shafer, the true value of the Verint analytics solution was realized when the data was incorporated into journey mapping projects. This not only captured the crucial moments of impact in customers’ experiences, but also helped the organization better identify how to address issues prompting calls and customer frustration. Capturing voice of the customer and taking action on the input, has helped Snap-on’s Customer Care Center create a cultural shift from that of a typical Contact Center now to a Customer Experience Center.

Highly Commendable Honor: ATB Financial

ATB Financial’s Dwayne Calder, director, customer care and operations, was named an Engage Global Customer Awards “highly commendable” honoree in the same category for its innovative use of Verint Workforce Optimization™ and Customer Analytics. Leveraging Verint Call Recording™ to replace “wet signatures” with verbal consent, the company reduced customer effort and elevated the customer experience. This supports the company’s aim of enabling contact centers to achieve their own “one and done” goal in terms of first contact resolution. With a focus on supporting its customer experience process design, ATB Financial employs Verint Speech Analytics to translate voice of the customer data into actionable improvements by using customer conversations and frontline team members to identify root cause of customer challenges. In addition, Verint Workforce Management™ continues to help ATB Financial successfully optimize team member utilization and engagement with effective call forecasting and innovative scheduling.

Improving Processes Awards

Winner: Xerox Corporation

Winner of the Engage Global Customer Awards improving process distinction was Xerox Corporation and Rob Burke, delivery manager, Xerox Technology Knowledge Management. With Xerox in the midst of transforming from an onsite customer service delivery model to a remote service delivery model, Burke led a multi-supplier delivery team that undertook a transformational project for the company. With knowledge at the center of this initiative, the team took on Xerox’s more than 120 knowledge bases (KBs) that support more than 900 products—created over a 12-year period in 24 languages—to successfully create a flexible migration methodology. Using Verint’s Engagement Management™ solution, Burke and team handled transparent authentication, messaging that integrated with the company’s reporting and analytics needs, cross-filtered the tag sets that managed the massive amount of knowledge, integrated a rules engine that interacted with device data, and enacted the corporate branding requirements to execute an exceptional customer experience design.

Highly Commendable Honor: Jostens

Jim Jandro, service operations manager with Jostens was named an Engage Global Customer Awards “highly commendable” honor for his use of Verint Workforce Management, Verint Quality Management™, Verint Speech Analytics, Verint eLearning™, and Verint Desktop and Process Analytics™. In particular, Verint’s Workforce Management solution helped streamline the company’s scheduling activities through flex scheduling, shift swapping, customized scheduling, intra-day service-level management and scenario building for planning and budgeting to help the company realize a seven percent improvement in first-contact resolution and a five percent improvement in average talk time. In addition, customer experience improved by 10 percentage points for a combined overall annual savings of $200,000.

Optimizing the Workforce Awards

Winner: LabCorp

Sally Traywick, associate vice president for Laboratory Corporation of America® Holdings (LabCorp®) (NYSE:LH), was named the Engage Global Customer Awards winner in the optimizing the workforce category. Using Verint Back-Office Workforce Optimization™, the company reduced cycle times and costs and improved process performance, and used the insight gained for continuous improvement.

Highly Commendable Honor: ACTIVE Network LLC

Kristen Hier and Kim Kleinhans from ACTIVE Network LLC were named the Engage Global Customer Awards “highly commendable” recipients for their leadership in the workforce management (WFM) team, helping the organization increase quality assurance scores and reduce contact center costs using Verint Workforce Optimization. The company implemented workforce optimization in its service resolution department, and added multiple contact centers across two different lines of business, streamlining processes across the centers—all with different labor laws—to establish consistent practices across the organization. In addition, the WFM team worked with the contact center, human resources and training departments to restructure new hire training and cross-training processes to gain further synergies.