Promero selected by Randstad Technologies to host Aspect Software Unified IP

PRESS RELEASE: Promero, a leading cloud hosting provider of call centre solutions announced that Randstad Technologies, a leading technology talent and solutions provider in the U.S., selected Aspect Software Unified IP contact centre solution hosted by Promero as its future call centre platform. Promero will implement and manage the private cloud platform at Verizon’s state-of-the-art data centre NAP of the Americas and other co-location sites.

“It is critical that Randstad Technologies maintains alliances with leading suppliers to provide our customers with service desk solutions and innovative technology that ensure peak performance,” said Andrew Speer, president of technology solutions for Randstad Technologies. “This partnership with Aspect Software and Promero guarantees that our team of technology support and services experts can deliver efficient solutions and maximize their productivity.”

Randstad Technologies has more than 20 years’ experience providing service desk operations and desktop and call center support for organizations ranging from large enterprises to small and midsize businesses.

“We are thrilled to equip Randstad Technologies with Aspect UIP 7.3 hosted by Aspect’s solutions hosting partner, Promero,” said Chris Koziol, Aspect president and general manager of interaction management. “I am confident that Aspect Unified IP’s advanced features, which are essential for delivering an exceptional consumer experience, will provide immediate financial and operational benefits to Randstad Technologies.”

“After 18 months of a rigorous selection process, we are very pleased that Randstad Technologies selected Aspect Software UIP as its final choice and Promero as its trusted management and service provider,” stated Promero President, Gregg Troyanowski.