Berkeley College Improves Communication, Reduces Costs With Enrollment Rx

PRESS RELEASE: Enrollment Rx announced that Berkeley College selected Enrollment Rx to enhance visibility across departments and throughout the student lifecycle Implemented in 2014, Enrollment Rx is used by 350 users — spanning enrollment, community outreach, marketing and communications, advisory services and financial aid — to foster better relationships through more personalized communications. Early results of using Enrollment Rx point to time savings, reduced system maintenance costs and improved communication with prospective students.

Previously, information about prospective students was not easily visible across Berkeley’s departments, making it a challenge to have up-to-date data accessible. As a result, the enrollment process was complex and phone inquiries became isolated in the call center. The college turned to Enrollment Rx to enhance access to prospective student information. Berkeley implemented Enrollment Rx CRM, along with a custom online applicant portal and a custom call center solution, called the Enrollment Rx Telecenter. Now that staff is able to work with students sooner in the process, they’ve been able to be very responsive, providing information on a more timely basis.

“We see the value of improving visibility into communications between the staff and students, and Enrollment Rx makes that happen for us,” said Diane Recinos, Senior Vice President of Enrollment at Berkeley College. “Enrollment Rx has made us a more proactive department. Now we can expedite communications to students, be more systematic and have a more complete view of communications.”

With the Enrollment Rx Telecenter solution, student information that was previously isolated within the call center is now visible to all locations, helping Berkeley quickly respond to new inquiries. In addition, the online applicant portal enables admissions, marketing and other departments to operate in real time. Time savings of 10-15 minutes per student interaction gives staff the ability to reach more students.

“Enrollment Rx understands higher education and how a school should operate,” said Leonard De Botton, CIO at Berkeley College. “By facilitating better business processes and helping us improve how we communicate with prospective students, Enrollment Rx meets our needs. They’ve been a very responsive team, all the way up to the CEO, and a true partner in getting us up and running.”