ActiveOps sets its sights on US financial market

PRESS RELEASE: ActiveOps has opened a new dedicated US office and appointed a US managing director to actively target the world’s biggest banks and insurers with its globally-recognised Active Operations Management (AOM) method and Workware™ software suite for insight, capacity management and strategic planning to deliver operations excellence.

ActiveOps’ existing clients in North America include the Cincinnati-headquartered Fifth Third Bancorp and in Canada, two of the country’s top six banks already apply the AOM method for best-practice operations performance management.

By dedicating strong resource and focus on the US market, ActiveOps now intends to help even more US organisations take control of operations performance management and replicate the significant results already being seen by its existing banking, insurance and BPO sector clients in the Europe, Asia-Pacific, Africa, India, Middle East, Canada and US regions.

To lead its new dedicated focus on the US market, ActiveOps has appointed Mark Bourgeois as its US Managing Director and will draw on new and existing partnerships with global delivery partners including PWC, KPMG, CSC, West Monroe and BearingPoint to accelerate its US expansion. Previously, Bourgeois was a senior director focused on revenue and lead generation projects in large and complex financial institutions, including working across the US Government and major Asian markets.

“The combined methodology, execution and technology ActiveOps brings to the market is unmatched by the home-grown or contact centre-oriented solutions that are often used by large organisations in the region,” he said. “As more big businesses in the sector attempt to move towards a disciplined environment, operations performance management acts as a valuable tool to support their evolution, particularly in identifying and removing some of the legacy challenges resulting from the global financial crisis and the tougher regulatory conditions they now face.”

Internationally, many major organisations already using ActiveOps combined approach in the global financial services industry have successfully overcome specific operations challenges and increased their agility and competitive advantage. This has delivered positive results in as little as 6–8 weeks, with an average return on investment achieved in less than nine months.

Latest analysis of ActiveOps’ clients in the international banking industry shows that, during the first year of deployment, it has enabled organisations to regain over five million ‘lost’ or under-utilised hours through improved operations performance. This equates to more than 4,000 FTE staff and represents annualised savings in excess of $100m.

“In the US and globally, there is an industry-wide need in the financial services sector to make internal operations match-fit and ready for growth,” said ActiveOps Chairman John O’Connell. “Despite the fact that 18 of the world’s top 20 banks ranked by deposits are headquartered in the US and Canada, very few have as yet engaged in strategic operations performance improvement programmes, making the opportunity for ActiveOps growth in the huge US market extremely exciting.

“At a time of tight control and industry regulation, ActiveOps has proven to be instrumental in enabling financial services businesses to make significant savings that are hard to find elsewhere, as well as react to and manage external factors, such as adjustments to lending criteria.”