OnviSource Announces Strategic Partnership with Social Strategy1, Integrating Social Media with Omni-Channel Voice of Customer and Contact Center Workforce Optimization

PRESS RELEASE: OnviSource announced that it has integrated the social media platform of Social Strategy1 with its new enterprise and contact centre social media solution called OnviSocial™. Offered as software products, cloud or managed services, OnviSocial offers a comprehensive set of social media management capabilities, including social media capture, engagement, and analytics; as well as automated quality monitoring and assurance of the agents involved with the social media channels.

Customer experience is significantly improved when the Voice of Customer (VoC) is captured from all channels, including customer calls, desktop transactions, emails, chat and text; as well as social media. Enterprises are now fully aware of the impact Twitter, Facebook, and other social media channels can have on their business, branding, and reputation; or the opportunities and business intelligence that can be discovered through monitoring the social media contents. Implementing a social media strategy into the contact centers significantly improves the overall customer experience by enabling contact center agents to proactively engage and respond to negative and positive social comments or requests; or take advantage of the opportunities that can be revealed from mining of the social media contents.

OnviSocial uses the powerful data mining and analytics engine of Social Strategy1 and completes OnviSource’s Omni Channel solutions that currently offer automated capture, QA, analytics and actions for 100% of customer interactions. It is capable of evaluating the web contents for mentions of a company’s products, services, competitors – even employees and industry related mentions. Data can be gathered from many web sources including social media, traditional media, blogs, video and more. OnviSocial, leverages OnviSource’s enterprise and contact center optimization and automation knowledge; as well as the Social Strategy1’s social media technology and expertise, in order to create an enterprise-wide solution that effectively utilizes and manages the social media.

“Contact centers have experienced a slow adoption of the social media as a powerful voice of customer channel mainly due to the fact that social media solutions were not fully integrated or unified with their contact center technologies and processes,” said Ray S. Naeini, Chairman and CEO of OnviSource. “Contact centers require social media channels to be unified and operated similar to other channels and with comparable capabilities in capture, evaluation, QA, automated analytics, and the ability to empower the agents to effectively engage with social media channels, as they do with other contact center channels. OnviSocial fully integrates and makes the social media channels manageable by contact centers the same way they manage all other channels.”

OnviSocial is fully integrated with Company’s OnviCenter 7™ Solution Suite, and is supported by Company’s managed services that offer full access and engagement management to a variety of social media channels. Additionally, OnviSource, in partnership with Social Strategy1, offers a highly affordable and turn-key managed program for developing client-tailored social media strategy, followed by effectively implementing and delivering measurable and positive results.

“Our advanced social media platform and our knowledge gained by managing social media for enterprises in various industries, combined with OnviSource’s broad range of solutions in contact center optimization and automation, offers not only a powerful and integrated contact center solution, but also delivers cost effective and result-oriented social media analytics,” said Dennis Stoutenburgh, President of Social Strategy1. “We are excited about our strategic partnership and look forward to pioneering the contact center industry with unified social media solutions.”