Ytel Launches Award Winning Soundboard Technology VoicePath

PRESS RELEASE: Ytel, Inc., launches its recently awarded advanced soundboard technology, which aims to assist agents with articulation and phonological disorders to succeed in the contact center industry in addition to helping businesses fine tune pitches.

VoicePath was honored by TMC, a globally integrated media company, with a 2015 Speech Technology Excellence Award. VoicePath is Ytel’s latest soundboard product that guide agents through conversations with scripted audio responses for inbound and outbound calls.

“Agents can now simply press a button on their keyboard or screen to trigger custom pre-recorded dialogue back and forth with their customers,” said Matt Grofsky, CTO of Ytel.

VoicePath, which is already built-in to the X5 Cloud Contact Center, includes a dynamic response tree, a response logic with single key or click interaction, the ability to start and stop conversations instantly, multiple response variations, and intuitive reporting to view where call drop offs occur.

“Ytel has demonstrated to the editors of CUSTOMER magazine that its product is both innovative and a leader in the speech technology industry. VoicePath has proven its superior capabilities and has ultimately improved the bottom line for its customers,” said Rich Tehrani, CEO of TMC.