Discovering the Hidden Value of Your Digital Wallboards

Whitepaper: Contact centre managers need to understand how to best deploy and use wallboards when integrating into the contact centre culture. In a recent white paper, “Discovering the Hidden Value of Your Digital Wallboards”, Johanna Lubahn, Managing Director of Call Center Services from the Cohen Brown Management Group and Stephen Pace, CEO from SJS Solutions collaborated on the perspective of leveraging wallboard technology and people skills for optimum performance results.

It’s hard to overstate what a gold mine wallboards can be to contact centres. But no matter how great the technology, your differentiators will always be your business strategy combined with the talent and passion of your people and their ability to use the information they have at hand. Make sure that you don’t neglect either in your zeal to discover the hidden treasure of your wallboards.

You can read the full white paper by clicking here…