Intradiem Introduces Intraday Automation Mobile App

PRESS RELEASE: Intradiem, the leading provider of Intraday Automation solutions to contact centers, back office and retail frontline workforces, today announced the release of a mobile application solution, extending the value and capabilities of its Intraday Automation solution for both workforce managers and agents.

“The mobile app extends the value of our Intraday Automation solutions in new and exciting ways for agents and managers,” said John Wolf, CTO, Intradiem. “Agent empowerment and engagement are top of mind initiatives for businesses looking to take service delivery to the next level. Combined with the core capabilities of our Intraday Automation solution, the mobile app provides businesses the ability to deploy agent capabilities like schedule swap and overtime and time-off offers.” The

Intraday Automation mobile app provides managers and supervisors with real-time alerts and notifications while they’re on the floor, enabling them to effectively manage intraday operations while at the same time interacting with and developing their agents.

“The mobile app is developed on our flexible, rules-based Intraday Automation platform, meaning businesses have the same flexibility and power to quickly and easily invent capabilities that align with the needs of their business,” added Wolf.

“This release is a tremendous milestone in terms of our ability to understand and quickly respond to the needs of the market,” said Matt McConnell, CEO, Intradiem. “By extending our capabilities to mobile devices, we’re greatly expanding the value Intraday Automation delivers and opening up a whole new world of possibilities for our clients to transform their service delivery organizations.”