CX Company supports online self-service for Germany’s TARGOBANK

PRESS RELEASE: TARGOBANK, a leading consumer finance provider with over 4 million customers, has become the first bank in Germany to use CX Company’s DigitalCX customer engagement platform to support customer self-service across its website.

DigitalCX will power a highly intuitive ‘virtual assistant’ called Lena for TARGOBANK. She will be available to answer customers’ questions and support them as they navigate the TARGOBANK site, 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. Customers will no longer need to wait for answers to their questions or use imprecise online searches for information; Lena will provide immediate, accurate and relevant answers to all of their questions. The creation of Lena reflects TARGOBANK’s plans to meet customer expectations across digital channels and to make working with TARGOBANK easy and convenient for its customers.

“We’re responding to our customers’ desire for intelligent self-service solutions. Customers will no longer have to wait for answers because Lena will be constantly available,” says Sabine Witt, Project Manager for Organisational Development at TARGOBANK.

Lena draws on information stored in DigitalCX’s dynamic knowledge base to answer customer questions with accuracy. The knowledge base is constantly and automatically updated to ensure that the information it contains is always up to date. DigitalCX is also able to capture and report questions posted to Lena, giving TARGOBANK valuable insight about how its customers want to work online. By doing so, supports continuous improvement of TARGOBANK’s online services.

Sori Chionidis, Managing Director of CX Company in Germany, says; “Communication between banks and their customers is changing rapidly as digital channels take over from voice. This is a trend that is accelerating rapidly and for which TARGOBANK is now well prepared. Customers want to self-serve and, by helping them do so, companies reduce the volume of calls and mail they need to respond to. CX Company recognised the shift to digital early and has invested to create DigitalCX, a digital customer engagement platform that is now being used by leading players in a wide range of industry sectors across Germany and worldwide.”

DigitalCX allows companies to deliver highly personalised self-service, sales and community engagement across any digital channel and device. By using natural language processing to understand consumers’ questions, and by tracking the ‘online journey so far’, it can anticipate customers’ requirements and offer contextualised information. Better yet, when integrated to organisations’ back end systems, it can recognise customers precisely and provide personalised responses based on each customer’s status, history and known preferences.