Mattersight Announces Release of New ROI Calculator

PRESS RELEASE: Companies looking to improve their call centre metrics now have an easy, no-cost way to see the impact of Mattersight Corporation’s award-winning call routing solution, thanks to the ROI calculator recently launched on the analytics provider’s new website.

Mattersight® Predictive Behavioral Routing identifies an individual caller’s personality type through analysis of customer history and a variety of behavioral data, then instantly connects that caller to the available call center agent with whom they’re most likely to have a positive personality connection. These connections help to drive an immediate 10%-30% improvement in key metrics including customer satisfaction, agent performance variability, sales, loyalty and more.

The Mattersight ROI Calculator processes several key user data points to present a specific estimate of the routing solution’s impact on one of five metrics: handle time, sales, collections, CSAT or churn. The tool’s calculations are based on data culled from hundreds of client scenarios and vetted against a Forrester Consulting analysis of Predictive Behavioral Routing’s economic impact.

In addition to an immediate picture of their metric-specific ROI, calculator users receive a customized ROI report that includes industry benchmark data, allowing them to see how their numbers compare to those of their competitors, both with and without Mattersight’s solution in place.

Luke Olson, Mattersight’s Director of Product Management and one of the calculator’s key designers, says the new tool presents an ideal first step for call center decision-makers looking to improve their business outcomes. “It’s one thing to hear about the results other organizations have achieved with Predictive Behavioral Routing. But it becomes a much more meaningful and compelling solution when you see the impact it can have on your actual numbers, down to the percentage point. Suddenly you can visualize a very different bottom line and a very different future for your business, and know exactly what will get you there. That’s exciting.”

To calculate your company’s ROI with Mattersight, visit