Finally, A Useful Employee Directory App: Introducing Jive Circle, A Secure Way To Quickly Search, Discover And Connect With Colleagues

PRESS RELEASE: Jive Software announced its continued innovation of mobile applications and design leadership with the release of Jive Circle – a secure app for employees to quickly search and discover other employees in their organization. Jive Circle seamlessly integrates with the Jive Chime real-time messaging app, which provides employees the fastest way to connect with colleagues.

“It’s no secret the business world is increasingly mobile. Workforces are more dispersed than ever, and as a result, people are looking for new ways to instantly reach colleagues. A growing challenge is sorting through complex and stagnant org charts – leaving employees frustrated when they’re trying to make real-time business decisions,” said Colleen Jansen, vice president of global marketing at Jive Software. “With Jive Circle, we are driving innovation in the way employees connect, communicate and collaborate by delivering a sleek mobile application that makes it easier to find the right colleagues when you need them the most.”

Introducing Jive Circle

Available across iOS and Android devices, Jive Circle delivers an employee directory application that is beautifully designed with a simplified experience. It puts a face to the name of every employee and provides on-the-go access to quickly get in touch. Available for early access on August 31, Jive Circle will offer a variety of features, including:

  • A dynamic employee directory for quick search, discovery and connection with teammates. Employees can quickly search a visual organization chart and identify subject matter experts across the organization. A simplified browse feature allows employees to easily filter and find information about their colleagues. Once a colleague is identified, a press and hold feature prompts connection icons for immediate contact via click-to-call, email or Jive Chime. In the coming weeks, Jive Circle will also feature a new calendar sync function that gives insight into who within the organization is joining meetings.
  • Enhanced security with the ability to add, edit and deactivate users. An ISO 27001 certified company with more than fourteen years of experience in the communications software space, Jive developed Circle with industry security best practices such as third-party testing and leverages the security of the Amazon Web Service environment. Additionally, IT administrators can easily import employee information to create accounts and build out their organization for the app, plus Jive Circle is built as SaaS, cloud-based software, which does not require any IT maintenance or installation.

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From start-ups to large enterprises, Jive Chime is helping employees work better together.

The Jive Chime real-time messaging app for teams continues to gain momentum and adoption with both new and existing customers. Since the launch in April, Jive has seen growing adoption of the app worldwide. Jive recently implemented a dedicated onboarding program to help existing Jive customers drive rapid internal adoption, including Pearson and ThoughtWorks:

  • “For effective community management, we need the ability to quickly communicate and connect at a moment’s notice,” said Kim England, global community director at Pearson. “Jive’s mobile-first strategy consistently delivers on its promises — the apps are simple and the experience is streamlined. Given Jive’s proven track record of delivering leading communication and collaboration solutions, we’re looking forward to its upcoming release of Jive Circle and its integration with Jive Chime.”
  • “Real-time chat is a really hot topic at the moment, and we are very interested to understand how this space is developing,” said Andy Yates IT Business Partner at ThoughtWorks. “With Jive-n as the foundation of our collaborative suite, we are excited to see the release of Chime, and to work with Jive in shaping a strategy for scaling these tools across an organization with hundreds of teams.”

Ongoing enhancements and updates to Jive Chime include features for IT administrators managing company-wide deployments, as well as employees connecting with one another to get work done:

  • Invite colleagues to both Jive Chime and Jive Circle: With the latest admin release, IT teams can directly paste an expanded distribution list from Outlook into the admin console and with one-click invite all employees within the organization to use the apps. At the same time, employees can invite colleagues to join Jive Chime via the mobile app by simply searching contacts from the address book on any device.
  • Hide conversations: One of the most commonly requested features comes to life with the latest version of Jive Chime, providing employees with the ability to quickly remove and hide conversations – whether from the mobile app or desktop.