Dee Valley Water partner with Rant & Rave to bring the voice of their customers to life

PRESS RELEASE: Dee Valley Water, has partnered with Customer Engagement specialists, Rant & Rave, in an effort to better understand what really matters to the 258,000 people they serve. Customers who have recently interacted with the Dee Valley contact centre will now be invited to share their thoughts on the service they’ve received via text message or email – the method used will be driven by each individual’s contact preferences.

Rant & Rave’s Sentiment Analysis platform will then understand all comments instantly and flag areas in need of attention so Dee Valley staff can take action. As well as bringing contact centre staff closer to their customers, the system will be used to rectify issues, identify training needs and highlight opportunities for praise.

The water company will also use Rant & Rave’s Frontline Engagement module to present the voice of their customers back to wider business in a fun and engaging way. Individual agents will be able to read feedback received specifically about them and view how their performance compares to others within their team.

Ian Plenderleith, CEO of Dee Valley Water, said “At Dee Valley Water we’re constantly striving to put the voice of our customers at the heart of everything we do. Rant & Rave’s real-time capability means we’ll be able to take action much more quickly and will provide valuable coaching opportunities for our staff.”

Dennis Fois, CEO of Rant & Rave, said “We’re thrilled to welcome Dee Valley Water to the Raveolution. The combination of Dee Valley Water’s customer centric philosophy and our vast experience in the Utility sector means we’ll form a great partnership.”