Conversocial releases new social customer service features

PRESS RELEASE: Conversocial has released new features in its enterprise social customer service platform to help companies can resolve complex customer issues over social media, and scale ‘in the moment’ engagement. Available immediately, the new features blend contact centre principles and processes with the dynamics of engaging on social media.

New features now available in the Conversocial platform:

● Resolution management: These features enable businesses to recognise service issues from general chatter, apply follow-up workflows to ensure that the issue was fixed and communicated, and report on the ROI of successful social customer care. An innovative approach to effectively track, measure and collaborate on the end-to-end management of resolution on social media with case-based resolution management functionality.

● Instagram proactive engagement: Advanced search functionality allows companies to monitor geotags and hashtags to resolve issues before they escalate on this key social media platform, which has 300 million monthly active users sharing 70 million photos every day. “Brands need to evolve to be on the platforms where their customers are,” said Dan Moriarty, Director of Social Strategy & Activation for Hyatt. “These conversations are happening. It’s not about inserting our brand into conversations outside of their hotel stays, but making the hotel stay more relevant to their lives.”

● Clipboard: A quick-response feature that assists agents to deliver consistent, helpful responses, at scale without losing the empathy that customers have come to expect from social interactions.

● Conversocial CROWDS peer-to-peer resolution: A new community-powered mobile solution called CROWDS connects brands’ most passionate and knowledgeable experts with customer questions on Twitter. In partnership with Conversocial, Google is in the early stages of leveraging peer-to-peer support for many of its products.

“The latest release reflects the maturation of social customers’ expectations, and the change in how companies are evolving to meet those expectations,” said Conversocial CEO Joshua March.

According to a report by Forrester Research, the percentage of people who have used Twitter for customer service grew nearly 70% between 2013 and 2014. “However, most social engagement software today was born from the needs of marketing requirements rather than service, which is why Conversocial exists today,” concluded March.

John R. Glenn, Vice President, Care Strategy, Operations and Transformation at Sprint, said: “Simply put, our mission is to meet our customers where they are and to assist them as they are experiencing the brand. At the end of the day we believe delivering impactful experiences will foster brand advocates, and Conversocial is a partner who believes in that as well.”

As the expectations of social customers evolve and mature, more businesses are finding that social customer service requires specialised tools rather than overreaching all-in-one social media management platforms. “Businesses need specialist customer service tools to help them to both respond and resolve issues within the social channel,” Ovum Principal Analyst for Customer Engagement, Aphrodite Brinsmead, observed: “In its latest release, Conversocial makes it easier for agents to resolve issues as well as providing a dashboard that helps organisations to view resolution rates alongside engagement metrics. By implementing tailored social support platforms like Conversocial’s, businesses gain greater visibility into the success of their social customer service programs.”

The latest Conversocial capabilities are available to new and existing customers: