LivePerson and NTT Solco Team Up to Transform the Contact Centre

liveperson_logoLivePerson and NTT Solco Corporation announced a partnership to deliver digital customer engagement solutions to leading enterprises in Japan. By combining NTT Solco’s expertise as the pioneer in Japan’s contact center industry and LivePerson’s innovation in digital customer engagement, the two companies aim to transform how Japanese brands and consumers connect.

LivePerson is a leading provider of digital engagement solutions, powering more than 18,000 organizations worldwide, including many leading Fortune 500 companies. LivePerson’s cloud-based platform LiveEngage enables businesses to support and connect digitally with their customers via mobile messaging, online chat, and personalized content.

NTT Solco is a contact center outsourcing company and a subsidiary of NTT — the third-largest telecommunications company in the world. NTT Solco has serviced the Japanese market for approximately 30 years. As part of the partnership, NTT Solco will bolster and optimize its clients’ communication channels by integrating LivePerson technology.

“We chose LivePerson as our partner to modernize the Japanese contact center industry, because of their unparalleled expertise as well as the scalability and security of their platform. By enabling communication through digital and mobile channels that are often preferred by consumers, we are helping companies enhance the customer experience,” said Hirokazu Muto, president and CEO of NTT Solco.

NTT Solco will leverage LivePerson’s platform and agent best practices to reduce overall voice interactions in its contact center, in turn decreasing contact center costs and enhancing agent productivity. By providing support through digital engagement, NTT Solco hopes to enhance the self-service journey, reduce unnecessary voice interactions, and boost customer satisfaction rates.

“A fundamental issue with many organizations is balancing the cost to serve an increasing customer base while maintaining excellent customer relationships. In order to reduce costs and maintain a high quality of service, brands need to rethink their entire strategy for connecting with customers. That is where LivePerson comes in. We allow companies to divert calls from the inefficient 1-800 number to an online or mobile messaging interaction, where contact center professionals can handle several concurrent, quality conversations,” said Akio Fukasawa, general manager, LivePerson Japan.

LivePerson also enables companies to monitor visitor activity and intervene in the exact moment that the customer is experiencing issues. This can happen via online messaging or contextual content that helps guide the customer to self-serve without generating the need for a human interaction, thus saving the labor cost associated with that customer service request and further decreasing the number of interactions handled.

“Not only in Japan but across the world, the contact center has inarguably experienced its biggest change in its 30 year history over the last half a decade. This has no doubt been driven by smartphone penetration and evolving consumer expectations created by the onset of digital platforms — where purchasing decisions no longer begin with a phone call inquiry but, instead, through online or mobile research and messaging,” said Hirokazu Muto, NTT Solco. “We are excited to lead the change in Japan with LivePerson and create a new standard for customer service in this mobile era.”