Transera’s Global Omni-Channel Contact Center Solution Deployed in Roland Corporation’s Japanese Call Center

PRESS RELEASE: Transera announced that Roland Corporation, a leading manufacturer and distributor of electronic musical instruments and equipment, has deployed Transera’s Global Omni-Channel Contact Center solution in its Japan-based call center.

Prior to working with Transera, Roland Corporation’s call center relied on an on-premise system for handling all customer and retailer inquiries. The system frequently encountered difficulty with call routing and trouble-shooting operations however, which resulted in overly long wait-times for callers. These delays negatively impacted customer satisfaction rates, and increased the overall cost of maintaining the contact center.

“When we began our search for a new contact center solution we recognized that a Cloud-based service was essential” said Mr. Takashi Hasegawa, Roland’s Customer Center Manager. “Many of the issues in the previous system stemmed from a lack of flexibility in responding to changing business needs. With Transera however, we can easily test new approaches to our call center structure as well as agent approaches to customer interactions, and if the desired results aren’t achieved, we have the flexibility to alter the structure without worrying about routing delays or other operational challenges.”

Transera’s Global Omni-Channel Contact Center Solution creates a central global queue from which it routes, distributes, and records all interactions to specific agents or teams to maximize business outcomes using real-world data across sites. By uniting disparate systems within a single cloud-based solution, companies are able to centrally administer routing and agent operations to respond to changing traffic conditions and performance, regardless of where they are.

“Customer needs are always in flux,” said Arnab Mishra, president and COO of Transera, “and in order to keep them happy, customer service strategies need to change and adapt as well. Transera’s solution offers the complete visibility and administrative flexibility that companies need to create a truly customer-centric call center experience, improving business performance while optimizing costs.”