Natterbox to revolutionise business telephony for Salesforce users

PRESS RELEASE: Natterbox, a UK based global voice services provider today announces the technology preview of Natterbox Cloud PBX and Webphone for Salesforce are being demonstrated at Dreamforce 2015.

With this announcement Natterbox is demonstrating the embedding of Cloud PBX management into Salesforce. This means that Salesforce users who are familiar with business functionality such as managing accounts or opportunities can now manage their phone system. This self-service telephony management for Salesforce business users brings new value to sales, customer service, marketing and finance.

Neil Hammerton, Natterbox CEO stated; “The migration of business telephony to a cloud model is well accepted. Our announcement merges that trend with the capability for business telephony to be managed directly by Salesforce business users. Our approach is different to others because this management is executed within the familiar Salesforce interface and not through a separate platform.”

Business telephony is a natural progression for closer alignment of a business and its technology infrastructure. The business potential is significant, for many organisations voice is still the most important channel for engaging with customers, an estimated 60% of customer contact is still by phone. So for generating new sales and for maintaining customer satisfaction, the phone is still key.

Hammerton: “To capitalise on this potential the next level of business value from telephony is to make it a tool that is used directly by business managers. This is a proven approach and self-service use of technology has driven significant shifts in how it is effectively used in business. An example of this is in customer service; Within Salesforce the customer service manager creates a new policy for inbound calls from out-of-SLA customers (flagged in Salesforce) to be routed to a highly skilled team to accelerate their resolution. A new personalised IVR response delivers a better customer experience and highlights their importance as customers.”

To stay true to the philosophy of ‘cloud’ no hardware of software should be required on site and this should extend to the phone itself. Also announced at Dreamforce is the browser-based Natterbox Webphone. The user simply goes to their Natterbox Webphone URL and begins making and receiving calls. All the functionality you would expect from a standard hard or softphone is built in without the need to install any software or hardware on site.

Natterbox Cloud PBX and Webphone for Salesforce are scheduled for availability in Q4 2015.