NewVoiceMedia announces Vision apps for Sales and Service, powered by the Salesforce Wave Analytics Platform

PRESS RELEASE: NewVoiceMedia announced the pilot of two NewVoiceMedia Vision apps – Vision for Sales and Vision for Service. Powered by the Salesforce Wave Analytics Platform, these apps allow business users to deliver instant, deep analytics about customer communications so sales and service reps can boost sales performance and deliver better customer experiences.

Vision is designed to deliver meaningful insight for both sales and service organisations.

With Vision for Sales, salespeople can immediately access invaluable information like revenue driven per rep, call, or vertical; cost per rep or opportunity; and other performance metrics. The solution instantly delivers a panoramic view of the sales organisation so leaders can make informed planning decisions and optimise resources.

Vision for Service provides internal information about agent productivity and cost-to-serve, offering rare insight into customer experience. The solution assembles information like wait time, abandon rates, transfer percentages and number of first contact resolutions to give users a window into the quality of their customer service.

“Both sales and service are, at their deepest level, about forming a positive customer experience”, said Jonathan Gale, CEO of NewVoiceMedia. “Vision apps were designed to allow users to deliver the best possible experience. With the power of the Salesforce Wave Analytics Platform, we’re able to provide our customers with a complete, panoramic picture of how the organisation is operating so they can make smarter, more strategic decisions about how to operate more efficiently and effectively”.

“The Wave Analytics Platform allows every business user to explore and share data, uncover new insights and take action instantly from anywhere,” said Stephanie Buscemi, COO, Analytics Cloud, Salesforce. “NewVoiceMedia is among the first ISVs to extend the Wave Platform and deliver analytics apps, which will enable companies to make every business process and customer interaction more data-driven and move their business forward faster”.

NewVoiceMedia and Salesforce Wave Analytics Platform transform data into business insight

With Vision and Wave Analytics, customers can understand what’s happening in their sales and customer service organisations at a high level, in real-time. The solutions provide a new, unique viewpoint about productivity and performance, and empower customers to identify their most effective strategies in each area and excel. Customers using Vision will suddenly be able to operate more efficiently with better information than ever before.

NewVoiceMedia’s technology is used by customers like Siemens, WGBH and Canadian Cancer Society, and their thousands of agents worldwide. The new Vision solution will be available to NewVoiceMedia’s ContactWorld for Sales and ContactWorld for Service customers.

Come see Vision in action this week at Dreamforce 2015, the largest software conference on Earth

Vision for Service and Vision for Sales demos will take place at the NewVoiceMedia booth, N1817 and the Salesforce Wave demonstration area at Dreamforce 2015. They will highlight both applications’ capabilities to empower sales and service employees to make more informed and strategic decisions for both the organisation and its customers. Dreamforce is a global event taking place September 15-18 in San Francisco, with more than 150,000 attendees from around the world expected to register to attend four high-energy days of innovation, education, fun and giving back.

Salesforce Wave Analytics Platform extends the power of Analytics for every business need

Wave Analytics is the first cloud analytics platform designed for every business user to explore data, uncover new insights and take action instantly from any device. Wave Analytics brings together a dynamic user experience, indexed search and a high-speed query processing engine into a single, vertically-integrated cloud analytics platform. Built from the ground up to be open, Wave Analytics makes it easy to build and deploy analytics apps faster than ever and extend the power of data-driven insights to every business need. Its schema-free architecture empowers business users – not just analysts or data scientists – to instantly query entire data sets or build customisable dashboards, lenses and charts to intuitively explore data.

Optimised for both mobile phones and tablets, Wave Analytics’ responsive, free-form navigation empowers users to quickly analyse patterns and discover new trends from anywhere. And because Wave Analytics is built on Salesforce’s trusted, multi-tenant, open architecture, Wave analytics apps are deeply connected to businessprocesses and workflows, enabling business users to act on insights instantly to keep their business moving forward.