Citrix Delivers Interactive Mobile Customer Support with New GoToAssist Solutions

PRESS RELEASE: Citrix announced the expansion of its GoToAssist product line with two new products – Citrix Concierge and GoToAssist Seeit – that enable real-time interactions between end-users and customer service experts. Citrix Concierge lets end-users connect instantly with a customer service expert directly from a mobile app through live video, audio or chat to significantly reduce call-handling times and improve customer satisfaction, while GoToAssist Seeit allows customers to share their mobile device camera and communicate with technical experts to quickly resolve issues without expensive in-person visits.

According to a July 2015 report by Aberdeen Group, “old school support and services processes often aren’t mobile friendly, take too long to reach resolution, and end-users can’t access them remotely”. The new GoToAssist innovations announced today advance the world of remote customer service by encouraging businesses to use live interactions to resolve issues in real-time.

Mobile Customer Support

Citrix Concierge empowers organizations to elevate their customer service and support businesses to the next level by allowing end users to connect with a live expert faster. Right from within their mobile app, end users can connect via audio, video or even chat to interact and share their mobile app experience in real-time.  Using Citrix Concierge, a customer service expert can request to co-browse the mobile app and understand exactly what the end-user is seeing,  draw and mark directly on the end-user’s screen and see where the end-user pushes or clicks on his/her device, so any misunderstanding is captured immediately.

Interactive Remote Support

Expanding traditional remote support well beyond the desktop screen, GoToAssist Seeit gives customers a simple, fast and secure way to stream their mobile device camera to a remote expert, opening up real-time customer support to any problem.  GoToAssist Seeit helps eliminate common misinterpretations and inherent frustrations customers face when trying to verbally describe their problems.

Interactive tools such as the ability to make annotations using arrows on paused screens, and the option to save and review session snapshots for future reference, improve the troubleshooting experience and result in faster overall resolution times and increased customer satisfaction, retention and loyalty. With APIs, GoToAssist Seeit can be securely integrated into an organization’s existing support tools so users can quickly launch customer sessions through any web-based viewer.


Citrix Concierge is available now at:  

GoToAssist Seeit is available now at:

As organizations transition to mobile, the ability for users to receive smart, fast and quality troubleshooting support is still very challenging. Citrix Concierge and GoToAssist Seeit empower organizations to take their service support to the next level with personalized customer interactions through video, camera and chat. The result is faster resolution times and happier customers. – Rouven Mayer, Senior Manager, Citrix