Mattersight Granted Four New Patents for Personality-Based Call Routing Applications

PRESS RELEASE: Mattersight Corporation announced that it has recently received four new patents related to its award-winning Predictive Behavioral Routing solution.

U.S. Patent Number 9,106,748, entitled Optimized Predictive Routing and Methods, covers an improved method of routing incoming customer communications that enables Mattersight’s routing solution to not only identify the personality of current callers, but also predict future callers’ personality types, allowing users to anticipate call center activity and make strategic adjustments in order to provide a consistently optimum response.

U.S. Patent Number 9,124,701, entitled Method and System for Automatically Routing a Telephonic Communication, covers an invention that helps Mattersight’s solution to more effectively route individual callers to the agents best capable of handling their needs through the use of a customer identifier, customer history and behavioral analytics generated by the analysis of prior calls.

U.S. Patent Numbers 9,137,372 and 9,137,373, both entitled Real-Time Predictive Routing, stem from the same original application and route all incoming customer communications based on a predicted customer personality type. The customer communications covered by these patents include texts, web chat, email and social media communications, as well as calls. In addition, the ‘372 patent provides routing solutions that exclude overworked agents, while the ‘373 patent uses customer profiles to create the routing solution.

President and CEO Kelly Conway says that the new patents issued to Mattersight represent both his company’s long-standing investment in its intellectual property, and its ongoing refinement and advancement of its solution. “The inventions covered by these new patents have given our clients the ability to dramatically improve their customer interactions and their business outcomes. As powerful as the results have been, we know we’re only at the beginning of what this technology can do and we’re excited to keep pursuing and expanding its potential.” Mattersight’s current patent portfolio stands at 20.