XO-Commissioned Study Reveals that Unified Communications Increases Productivity for 93 Percent of Employees

PRESS RELEASE: Ninety-three percent of employees that use unified communications (UC) tools increase productivity, according to a recent study commissioned by XO Communications (XO).  The research reveals that the two UC tools having the most direct positive impact on employee productivity are presence detection and multichannel contact centers.  Presence detection allows users to see who is available and identifies the best way to reach them, while multi-channel contact centers help decrease the average time it takes to resolve customer issues.  

XO commissioned International Data Group (IDG) to research the usage, perceptions and benefits of adopting various unified communications tools.  The study’s conclusions were recently published by IDG in a Whitepaper titled “ Realizing the Untapped Potential of Unified Communications.”  The study also revealed that nearly 60 percent of respondents indicated that Web conferencing and videoconferencing tools increase collaboration.

“As a key provider of unified communication services, XO believes in the importance of understanding the benefits of implementing UC technology solutions in the workplace,” said Jake Heinz, senior vice president, marketing and product at XO Communications.  “The study results helps businesses with assessing the benefits of implementing various UC tools available to their workforce.”

While respondents were clear about the benefits of adopting UC into their daily work, 24 percent indicated they had not received sufficient training so they could maximize the value of the UC tools available to them.  Proper training helps workers maximize the use of UC features and increase productivity.  Late last year, XO launched a progressive training course that helps companies to learn quickly how to leverage the UC features inherent with their XO Hosted PBX solutions.