Aeonix is Available on the Amazon Marketplace

PRESS RELEASE: Tadiran Telecom, an established global provider of unified communications, contact center and control room solutions, announced today that its Aeonix enterprise communications solution is available on the Amazon Marketplace. Aeonix is the first enterprise grade communication solution available on the Amazon Marketplace.  

“Tadiran enables AWS System Integrators to migrate their customers’ communications to the cloud” says Eldad Barak, President & CEO of Tadiran Telecom.  “In addition, Aeonix’ unparalleled scalability allows the establishment of a Managed Services practice with little to no upfront investment. Thereby, Tadiran Channel Partners and ITSP’s can now afford to keep their long lasting business relationship with their customers and not hand them over to a competing VoIP cloud. Our Partners can offer Aeonix on premises, and transition their customer to their cloud at a later stage for no extra charge. Aeonix can also function as a hybrid solution providing disaster recovery nodes at unprecedented low cost.”

Aeonix is a software only Communications solution that consolidates disparate business applications into a single, fault tolerant platform. The Aeonix Unified Communications platform, Aeonix Contact Center, and Aeonix Dispatch Console, all reside in one virtual instance or COTS server. Aeonix runs on any virtualization platform including VMware, Hyper-V and cloud platforms such as AWS, and can easily port from one platform to another (“Bring Your Own Cloud”).

Cloud based, hybrid or on premises, Aeonix provides the same enterprise grade feature set and capabilities. Aeonix’ unparalleled scalability allows immediate ROI for a Managed Services practice. Other advantages of the Aeonix include simplicity of implementation and maintenance, and support for open standards such as SIP, CSTA, and Web Services.