New independent study set to re-open the debate on the effectiveness of Answer Machine Detection

PRESS RELEASE: Ultracomms, Europe’s first cloud contact centre services provider, has today published an independent study which validates the company’s own findings on the effectiveness of its new AMD+ solution, launched in May this year. AMD+ enables users to achieve significantly improve agent productivity, enhance customer experience and simplify their compliance processes, whilst ensuring call abandonment statistics reported to Ofcom are accurate.

A full copy of the report is available from the Ultracomms website:

The research, carried out by DJN Solutions – an independent consultancy specialising in regulatory compliance – was conducted to provide third-party, impartial testing and assessment of the underlying technology at the heart of AMD+. The rigorous test methodology involved analysis of over 3,000 calls across four days, picked at random. The study reported AMD+ had a detection rate of 28.9% of answer machines, with accuracy of at least 99.9026%

Developed by the in-house R&D team at Ultracomms and available to all the company’s cloud platform customers, AMD+ is the result of several years’ working collaboratively with clients to design a solution that has a significant impact on overall productivity. Reporting to Ofcom becomes simplified and accurate, since data is automatically collected by the solution. The solution is undetectable to both agent and call recipient, without the delay of several seconds typical of traditional AMD solutions, thus improving the customer experience. The solution is undetectable to both agent and call recipient, and without the delay of several seconds at the beginning of the call typical when using traditional AMD solutions, there is a vast improvement in the customer experience.

Report highlights:

  • Accurate detection – “Ultracomms’ AMD+ is using an approach that favours high accuracy of detection, rather than trying to detect all answering machines. In the test 28.9% of answering machines were detected, but for those detected the accuracy level was 99.9026%”
  • Ability to compare agent and system results – “Because it can be switched it on or off at any time, while still having the system internally run and log the detection process, it is possible to compare agent and system results side by side for the same call.”
  • Compliance – the author concludes that: “While Ofcom will always be the final arbiter in the interpretation of their own policies, using the above results we can see no reason why AMD+ would be considered non-compliant in a live environment.”

Says Ultracomms’ Chief Operating Officer, Darren Sullivan, who has spearheaded the development of AMD+ at Ultracomms, “One of the key challenges facing contact centre organisations is how to maximise productivity, while ensuring customer experience is maintained and that compliance with the various regulatory bodies is achieved. This new study shows how our unique approach to Answer Machine Detection using algorithms, rather than cadence based technology, can provide significant benefits to contact centre organisations.”

About AMD+
Ultracomms’ AMD+ is a patent-pending cloud-based innovation in answering machine detection.

AMD+ uses advanced algorithms to exclude outbound calls when it recognises that an answering machine is present and unlike traditional AMD technology, it is completely undetectable by agents and consumers. In addition to increased agent productivity, indications show that the implementation of AMD+ has potential to improve agent morale, since a higher percentage of call recipients are reached first time.

Ultracomms’ AMD+ differs from traditional AMD technology in that:

  1. It does not rely on assessing the audio of live contacts, and thus removes the silent pause at the beginning of each call.
  2. The accuracy rate is in excess of 99.9%, which is over 40 times better than results typically achieved by traditional AMD technology.
  3. The complex management and reporting overhead required by Ofcom when using Answer Machine Detection solutions has been virtually eradicated.

The full report from DJN Consulting can be downloaded here

About the report’s author
Dave Nicholls, of DJN Solutions, has over 19 years of experience with outbound automated dialling solutions and is co-author of the abandoned call calculation document referenced by Ofcom in its current Policy statement.