EvaluAgent Launches New Gamification System to Create a More Stimulating, Rewarding Contact Centre

PRESS RELEASE: Gamification is the hot buzzword at the frontier of business innovation. Many people enjoy playing games that seem to defy any real rational analysis: tasks that seem banal like arranging fruits, managing resources on a farm or catapulting irritated avifauna can, when colourful, engaging and properly rewarded become incredibly addictive. EvaluAgent has seen the power of this principle and is now seeking to bring it to the workplace to increase workforce motivation through a similar system of achievements and rewards.

One of the biggest factors in motivating the workforce is recognition. As such, the new software seeks to automate recognition in much the same way popular games do, with progress bars, levels, social reputation, achievements, community competitions and more. The result is a unified system that helps keep people more motivated for longer.

Despite the comprehensiveness of the program, it nevertheless offers straight forward administration, easy ways to reward employers as well as employees, and more. The company has published a free white paper on the benefits of gamification, and is now offering a free demo allowing businesses to trial the system inside their existing infrastructure.

A spokesperson for www.EvaluAgent.net explained, “We are offering the demo as a chance for business leaders to see for themselves what a transformative effect gamification can have on their contact centre. The demo will be fully featured and will run for 30 days, allowing the decision makers to witness for themselves the difference it can make to productivity and workplace satisfaction even in such a small window. The system is just one of many we offer to businesses designed to optimize their workforce, infrastructure and software systems to maximize the benefit they get from their contact centres.”