Intellicom’s hosted contact centre supports delivery of critical home care services to over 800 clients

PRESS RELEASE: Indigenous unified communications service provider, Intellicom today announced that it has deployed a two-site hosted contact centre solution for leading not-for-profit home care provider, Fingal Home Care.  Intellicom’s Intelligent Communications Platform (ICP) supports the delivery of critical home care services to over 800 clients in north Dublin, Louth and Meath.

The company’s central administration function, located at head office in Skerries, Co Dublin, manages daily call volumes of approx. 500 calls across 5,000 individual shifts.  Sophisticated call reporting provides management with insight into team performance and a staff productivity improvement of between 17 and 25 per cent has been recorded since deployment of the hosted contact centre solution.

Up to 300 staff provide home care services to those in need, promoting independence and the highest levels of dignity for clients who wish to remain at home.

Voice communications is the lifeline of the business as Andy Shortall, operations systems manager with Fingal Home Care explains.

“We need to have contact ability between ourselves, the carers, clients and also the next of kin.  Unlike most businesses, if a shift isn’t covered, our client’s life could be at risk.  Clients also need to be able to contact us to cancel shifts, if they’re off with family for example. Then we can reschedule carers to other shifts and move them elsewhere,” he said.

The hosted contact centre supports several functions within the business, including client communications, the scheduling of shifts for carers, who work flexible hours and the monitoring of carer shifts.  For example, if a carer hasn’t checked in via phone within 10 minutes of their scheduled shift start time, the monitoring team can contact the client, let them know that their arrival has been delayed and give them an accurate start time.

“The hosted nature of the solution provides Fingal Home Care with maximum flexibility in a very unpredictable environment,” according to Neil Wisdom, managing director with Intellicom.

“Staff can quickly add, move or change handsets across both locations without having to engage technical staff.  Because the system is based on Voice over IP we can quickly and easily increase the number of operational voice lines associated with the services. Voice mails are received in the form of WAV files and can be quickly acted upon and archived.  But one of the big benefits is the facility to allow staff to work from home.  They can have all the functionality of sitting in the office, by leveraging their broadband and a static IP address, which we configure,” he said.

The contact centre solution also provides call recording, a critical function particularly for clients with alzheimers or dementia.

“It’s not mandated by the HSE,” said Mr Shortall, “but it gives us the peace of mind that we have the backup for any calls that we make and delivers a higher level of service to clients and their next of kin.”

Fingal Home Care reviewed four other vendors before deciding on the Intellicom technology suite.

“We’re looking to future proof ourselves and that’s one of the reasons why the Intellicom solution was chosen,” said Mr Shortall.  “We’re investing heavily in infrastructure and the contact centre solution from Intellicom is a major part of that.

“It’s worked really well for us.  After sales has been brilliant and I have confidence that any issues will be resolved quickly and efficiently,” he said.