NICE Amps Up Voice of the Customer Solution for Deeper Visibility into the Customer Experience

PRESS RELEASE: NICE Systems released the latest version of NICE Fizzback, which enables greater customization, flexibility, and ease of use to improve organizations’ responsiveness to customer feedback.

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The real-time Fizzback solution helps companies drive action based on Voice of the Customer (VoC) insights, and, when combined with predictive analytics, can also shape the customer journey. This new version draws on recommendations from active Fizzback users to provide deeper visibility into the customer experience.

Key features include:

•    Self-service capabilities that allow Fizzback users to modify email and SMS surveys and polling schedules – enabling them to continuously test customer responses and giving them the flexibility to synchronize with changing business needs. Users can also create and adjust alerts to highlight customer feedback for specific audiences in the organization according to any set of definable criteria, enabling more employees to understand customer needs within a particular area of service.

•    Advanced real-time analytics to help identify hot topics among customers. Users can spot developing trends that do not necessarily correspond with preset feedback categories, enhancing a company’s responsiveness to customer pain points at their earliest stages.

•    The ability to slice and dice the data in a flexible manner, which can give businesses the opportunity to gather deeper insights from their VoC data. Additionally, they can tap into historical data that goes beyond what is presented on the dashboard.

“Working with our clients through the NICE User Group, we believe the set of features developed for the latest Fizzback release will provide them with great value,” said Miki Migdal, President of the NICE Enterprise Product Group. “This includes placing greater control in the hands of the client, faster changes to the system, and a lower total cost of ownership. It’s part of our ongoing commitment to innovation in our Voice of the Customer solutions, which we see as one of the lynchpins to creating perfect customer experiences.”