Ascribe Announces Auto Speech-to-Text Data Analysis Capability

PRESS RELEASE: Ascribe introduces a leading speech-to-text data analysis solution for fast and affordable access to actionable insights derived from customer call center data files.

This development allows consumer-focused companies and research agencies to process volumes of call center voice files through auto speech-to-text transcription into Ascribe’s text analytics software for fast, accurate insights from customer phone conversations.

“Our ability to import and process speech-to-text data automatically is a game changer,” explains Rick Kieser, Ascribe CEO.  “Consumer-centric businesses are under constant pressure to understand, satisfy and delight their customers, and the call center is one of the most valuable sources of input for any company to process.  Gleaning insights via call center transcription has historically been expensive and difficult to automate, but this new capability solves for both.”

Ascribe’s auto voice-to-text works seamlessly, transcribing voice files into text, which can then be instantaneously processed in a flexible, efficient portfolio of text analytics technologies to:

o Reinforce and calibrate insights from call centers, advertisement campaigns, surveys and social media
o Increase the ROI and productivity of call center operations
o Increase resources for researchers analyzing customer feedback
o Improve speed to insights

Customers now have the ability to incorporate Ascribe’s full range of text analytics technologies to classify, code and then visualize data from call center interactions. Combining the accuracy of human precision with the speed of automated coding, these solutions deliver a highly flexible comment categorization suite that transforms customer input to insights.