TopBox Unveils Root Cause Analytics Application for Contact Centers

PRESS RELEASE: TopBox announced that development of its Root Cause Identification solution for contact centers has been completed and the application is in production. The company’s Founders state that their cloud-based application was created specifically to leverage contact center quality assurance (QA) groups in the effort to identify the root cause of customer and business impacting issues.

The TopBox solution combines the power of advanced analytics, click-and-drop data capture capabilities and the knowledge and experience of quality assurance personnel to pinpoint the root cause of business challenges that originate both in the contact center and well upstream.

According to Chief Analytics Officer Ryan Studer, “There is nothing like our application in the market. TopBox’s patent-pending process includes the ability to target interactions that are germane to a specific problem and then push those interactions to QA for unprecedented levels of data collection. That data, structured and unstructured, can then be analyzed for correlation and causation with our integrated analytic and visualization tools.”

Chuck Griffin, Chief Operations Officer at Impact Telecom described his rationale for choosing TopBox. “We decided to go with TopBox for our contact centers because of the advanced functions that their app has over and above other tools.”