VoltDelta Cloud Contact Center Achieves Recertification as a PCI Level 1 DSS 3.1 Service Provider

PRESS RELEASE: VoltDelta announced that its cloud contact center platform has been recertified with a Service Provider Level 1 Attestation of Compliance for the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS). This Attestation certifies through independent audit that VoltDelta’s Cloud Contact Center once again meets the highest security standards set forth for payment card processing today.

PCI Level1 Certification is considered the most stringent level of PCI validated security. To achieve PCI level 1 compliance, VoltDelta engaged in an extensive third-party audit conducted by an organization that has been designated by the PCI Council as a Quality Security Assessing (QSA) Company.

This independent QSA has reconfirmed as annually required by PCI Council standards, that VoltDelta meets industry best practices and security controls required to keep credit card data and other sensitive information safe and secure during transmission, processing and storage. As a result, VoltDelta has been recertified for PCI Service Provider Level 1 DSS.

“Independently audited PCI certification provides our cloud contact center customers with secure customer care confidence that cannot be matched by infrastructures that rely on PCI self-assessments,” said Yusuf Bulan, General Manager of VoltDelta, “VoltDelta’s commitment to confidentiality, system availability and data integrity within our entire organization ensures that contact centers of all sizes will benefit from systems and processes in place for multichannel security.”

VoltDelta’s certification was confirmed for the 3.1 DSS standard. Notable additions from DSS 2.0 include:

Definition to ensure daily processes are consistently applied
Requirements for segmentation practices between tenants in hosted environments
Strong encryption for data management without the use of SSL

Compliance with the PCI standard is required for organizations directly involved in the processing, storage, or transmission of cardholder data. VoltDelta’s PCI Level 1 certification adds independently verified proof that its cloud contact center infrastructure delivers the security necessary to ensure confidentiality, availability and integrity for payment card data as well as for all forms of sensitive information.