LiveOps Named Market Leader in Ovum’s Multichannel Cloud Contact Center Decision Matrix

PRESS RELEASE: LiveOps, Inc. has once again been recognized by Ovum, a leading research firm, as a Market Leader in the multichannel cloud contact center industry. The Ovum Decision Matrix: Selecting a Multichannel Cloud Contact Center Solution, 2015–16, evaluated Technology, Execution and Market Impact, with LiveOps earning especially high scores in Product Quality, Usability, Capabilities and Vendor Strategy. LiveOps’ commitment to customer delight, combined with relentless technological innovation, has led to the 84 percent growth of its platform business in the last two years.

The Ovum Decision Matrix states: “LiveOps has continued to invest in and strengthen its cloud contact center technology division, while maintaining its long-established reputation as a large contact center outsourcer. LiveOps has strong technical capabilities and is well regarded by its customers. It has used its understanding of agents and contact centers to develop its tools and has continued to innovate, delivering a number of unique capabilities.”

LiveOps understands that customer service isn’t just one of a brand’s primary differentiators – it’s the only one that matters with increasingly vocal and influential customers. Disconnected contact center technologies make for a bumpy customer experience, which can hurt brand relationships. Unhappy customers aren’t loyal customers or effective brand ambassadors.

All brands face challenges when providing customer service. LiveOps gets it—the company has worked with hundreds of brands over the past 14 years. That experience has shown that success lies in brands being able to offer a responsive, reliable, personal and secure experience to their customers. Brands also need to be able to scale their contact center from a few seats to a few hundred seats or more to accommodate customer demand. Cloud-based contact centers meet those needs and offer additional flexibility as seasonality and other business drivers ebb and flow. Agents are empowered with immediate access to the tools and resources they need to deliver an outstanding customer experience anywhere, anytime, worldwide.

The Matrix also states that LiveOps “takes a leading position in utilizing WebRTC. It is one of the few vendors to support WebRTC calling for agents.”

New telephony technologies like WebRTC are transforming contact centers. In fact, the option to use WebRTC—instead of PBXs and other hardware—can allow brands to hang up their phones. The LiveOps Platform is the first cloud contact center with zero footprint—everything is in the cloud. And that brings big benefits to brands, because they can cut capital and operational costs by eliminating the expensive servers, software, landlines and phones required to run a traditional call center.

Finally, the Decision Matrix notes that “LiveOps has seen ongoing revenue growth for its offerings.”

“We know that happy agents make for happy customers. Personal interactions and human connection inspire brand delight—that’s why we’ve continued to focus on new and innovative ways for brands to more effectively engage with their customers by streamlining the agent experience,” said Vasili Triant, CEO of LiveOps. “And we’re not done innovating yet. Keep an eye on LiveOps—another evolution in customer experience is coming soon.”