Linkfluence acquires ActSocial, a leading Chinese Social Media Intelligence company

PRESS RELEASE: Linkfluence, a European leader in Social Media Intelligence, is expanding internationally by acquiring ActSocial, a primary Chinese Social Media Intelligence company based in Singapore and Shanghai. Through this acquisition, Linkfluence reaffirms its ambition to become a global market leader.

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A deeper insight into Chinese consumers

The estimated number of active social networking users in China is 650 million; more than 10 times the population of the UK. In Q2 2015, WeChat, China’s largest messaging app, counted 600 million active users and Sina Weibo, the country’s most popular microblogging platform, totaled 212 million users. These figures highlight how critical it is for brands in the Chinese market to monitor social media conversations as a source of actionable insights.

Supporting global brands in a strategic market

Today, access to the social web is worldwide. Yet, usage habits and practices differ from one country to another. Beyond web monitoring, it proves crucial for brands to obtain analysis and insights from local experts to support their decisions. By acquiring ActSocial, Linkfluence is the first European Social Media Intelligence company to combine a Chinese team of data scientists based in Shanghai – whose mission is to harvest social media data in China and across Asia – with an Asian team of social media researchers dedicated to turning data into strategic insights. This will enable Linkfluence to become a one-stop-shop of Social Media Intelligence for International organisations.

“ActSocial and Linkfluence share similar cultures” ActSocial CEO Marc Rivoira states: “Both companies mix ground-breaking technology with human expertise to generate a strong competitive advantage for clients. These common traits will accelerate team integration and make it possible to launch our new offering within weeks”

Linkfluence strengthens its international position

“We are very pleased to welcome the ActSocial teams within Linkfluence” Linkfluence CEO Hervé Simonin states. “ActSocial is a well-established business in China, helping major international brands to make the most of the Asian social web. This strategic acquisition supports our  clients on a global scale. It is a strong signal to the Social Media Intelligence market: Linkfluence strengthens its position in Europe and successfully evolves its development in Asia.”

By fully acquiring ActSocial, Linkfluence cultivates its ability to support International companies. With offices in the UK, Germany, France, China and Singapore, the new group confirms its ambition to become a world leader in Social Media Intelligence by 2017. Next year, the Linkfluence group will work with reputable brands to produce revolutionary international social listening solutions.

Thanks to unique geographic coverage, an exceptional SaaS tool and an international team, the Linkfluence Group is set to reach an estimated annual turnover of EUR15 million in 2015 and looks to reach a growth of 100% each year.