Frost & Sullivan Names Interactive Intelligence Latin American Contact Center Systems Company of the Year

PRESS RELEASE: Interactive Intelligence has been named Frost & Sullivan’s 2015 Latin American Contact Center Systems Company of the Year. Frost & Sullivan selected Interactive Intelligence for the award based on its visionary innovation and performance, and customer impact.

Contact Centre CLUB

According to the report, “Interactive Intelligence is a strategic leader in all aspects of the contact center systems market in Latin America, as shown by its recent performance, best practices implementations, and systematic innovation across the product portfolio, as well as how it addresses the core needs of its regional customers through flexible deployment options and best-of-breed services support team.”

The report detailed multiple supporting criteria for its selection, including the following:

Addressing Unmet Needs

Frost & Sullivan highlighted Interactive’s ability to successfully address unmet customer needs: “[Interactive’s] recent success in Latin America is deeply linked with its scalable and reliable product portfolio and its comprehensive solution offering on-premises, cloud, and private cloud delivery options.”

Implementation Best Practices

Another contributing factor cited in the report was Interactive’s implementation best practices: “Interactive Intelligence has developed a global verticalization approach, leveraging product and staff expertise in several industries. Major strategies have been specifically designed for collections, financial services, government, health, insurance, outsourcing, and utilities industries.”

Financial Performance/Performance Value

Underlining customer demand, Frost & Sullivan called out Interactive’s strong 2014 sales performance in Latin America: “Overall business revenue grew 80 percent year-over-year; however, on-premises shipment sales had exponential growth as the company almost tripled its revenue when compared with 2013.”

Frost and Sullivan also applauded Interactive for its strong performance value: “As a true all-in-one contact center solution, [Customer Interaction Center™] (CIC) offers a broad and deep application set, along with a single point of management and administration that allows applications to work together. Interactive’s all-in-one suite of products, including unified communications, mobile, and business process automation capabilities, resonates well with customers looking to use a broad set of communication and contact center features without the breakpoints typically found in legacy vendors’ systems products.”

Frost & Sullivan emphasized flexible deployment options as part of Interactive’s performance value: “Clients can ask for a premise-based solution and a single-tenant cloud solution — Communications as a Service℠ (CaaS) — at a manageable monthly cost, or they can even migrate their cloud contact centers to their own sites without incurring downtime or losing applications (private cloud).”

Customer Purchase/Customer Service Experience

The report cited “loyal and pleased clients” as another reason for Interactive’s success in Latin America, which, according to Frost & Sullivan was a result of the following: “a sound and reliable product,” Interactive’s Latin America-based best-of-breed services team, its ability to “help customers solve daily business problems,” and its technology model that’s positioned it as “the first vendor to build a real cloud offering for Latin American customers.”

Frost & Sullivan also emphasized Interactive’s tailored approach to customer sales and service: “Interactive Intelligence is willing to obtain from every sale a consultative transaction and enhanced experience for its clients in Latin America as it looks forward to combining the client’s specific business knowledge, the platform’s benefits with their own experience, and best practices in specific industries to obtain the best possible results. This allows the company to complete implementation and installation projects in a third of the time it usually takes for its competitors.”

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