IVCi Launches Live Video Assist, the Innovative Customer Engagement Solution

PRESS RELEASE: IVCi a leading provider of collaboration services and solutions announced an innovative service called Live Video Assist that will forever change the repair process for its current and future video collaboration and AV service customers. Live Video Assist offers virtual support for audio visual and video conferencing rooms via INTERACTIVE VIDEO sessions with IVCi Help Desk technicians.

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“Companies have been following an outdated repair process for years” said Bob Swing CEO and founder of IVCi, “that process for IVCi customers will change with this announcement. IVCi customers will experience an accelerated repair process with Live Video Assist” and the benefits will extend to real time training and virtual onsite support for mission critical meetings.

Live Video Assist is available to IVCi Managed Care Maintenance customers with a free App that is downloaded to a mobile device such as a smart phone or tablet. Live video assist enabled customers will be able to:

  • Press a single button to be connected to IVCi’s world class Help Desk.
  • Video enable the IVCi technician to see and hear the specific issue in real-time.
  • Receive easily understood instructions from the technician
  • Enable the technician to immediately see the results of their recommendations.

“ We strive to provide our service customers with superior service” said Curtis Heath SVP Operations, “ and with Live video Assist we set new benchmarks for maintenance service delivery. No longer will maintenance customers struggle to explain the issues they are experiencing in just words, no longer will they have to wait hours for a field technician to arrive to do a visual analysis. The visual repair process will begin as soon as the customer experiences any problem with their technology”

“With the release of Live Video Assist, IVCi is continuing a long history of service innovation,” said Ira M. Weinstein, senior analyst & partner at Wainhouse Research. “By leveraging live mobile video within the support process, IVCi can provide managed services customers with expedited troubleshooting and quicker time to repair for issues in their video conferencing and AV meeting rooms. This is not only an IVCi differentiator … it is just plain smart.”

Live Video Assist Customers will be integrated into IVCi call center infrastructure similar to traditional audio calls and will be connected to the next available video enabled help desk technician. Customers will experience a greatly accelerated repair process improving overall availability and user satisfaction.