RSVP Media Response Limited ramp up staffing levels to meet Christmas sales needs

PRESS RELEASE: RSVP Media Response Limited is upping the ante in terms of recruitment in order to increase staffing levels ready for the festive season increase in business. It may be autumn outside but it’s already Christmas in parts of RSVP. RSVP has seen exceptional year on year growth over the past 6 years, and now resides over 3 floors in the Northern and Shell Tower in Canary Wharf. Currently, RSVP employs close to 600 staff, and are growing their number of staff daily.

RSVP was started 27 years ago by a group of actors and was (and still proudly is) a pioneer in offering full-time flexible work to performers whilst allowing them to pursue their career. The call centre has built a reputation for having the best call centre operators in the industry.

RSVP has a bank of trained and talented creatives and are able to grow the workforce as and when clients require, with a painless transition. The wine and food teams at RSVP are busier than ever with the run up to Christmas. The creative staff get into the festive role both at work, and outside of work. At work they deal with the increase in demand impeccably and professionally, whilst outside of work many are preparing for their appearance in pantomimes.

As RSVP’s increase in workforce continues, RSVP will look to expand onto another floor of their current building. The rapid expansion is thanks to RSVP’s considerable expertise in telemarketing food and wine. In the food and wine sector the staff receive such extensive training that they become experts in their own right, complete with wine tasting certificates! As a result of the success of the confident and knowledgeable staff, RSVP is proud to represent some of Britain’s largest food and wine retailers.

Recruitment Manager Louise Roberts:

“The interview process is enjoyable. It’s great when you know you’ve found yet another eloquent and motivated actor to join the RSVP ranks. Actors are keen to join us here because they hear what a unique setting we have. We look after our staff, and in return our clients enjoy extraordinary service from some of the most upbeat and best spoken call centre operators in the industry!”