Leading Japanese TV Shopping Channel Benefits from Verint Customer Engagement Optimization Solutions

PRESS RELEASE: Verint® announced that a leading Japanese television shopping channel company is benefitting from Verint Customer Engagement Optimization™ solutions in its Japan-based contact centers.

To enhance contact center service quality, customer satisfaction and engagement, the TV shopping channel organization invested in such customer engagement optimization solutions as Verint Workforce Optimization™— which includes software for call recording and quality management—and Verint Speech Analytics™. Driving its investment in the solution a couple years ago was the need to enhance operations by capturing, analyzing and acting upon the voices of its customers (VoC). Another key factor was the desire to be able to rapidly record, search and replay phone conversations, evaluate the service quality, and analyze and act on customer insights to enhance its offerings and overall service delivery.

Since implementing Verint Workforce Optimization, the TV shopping channel company has been able to more effectively engage with customers on calls, respond to questions, and meet their needs in a timely, consistent manner. The Verint solutions also continue to help improve key performance indicators (KPIs) for both productivity and quality.

By reflecting the real voice of the customer, the organization maintains its focus on advancing operations and enhancing the quality of products, customer services and sales campaigns. The Verint speech analytics solution analyzes recorded conversations with customers to identify the root causes of call volumes, rising trends, and areas of opportunity and risk. Through its use of Verint solutions, it has made advancements in heightening customer satisfaction, and has associated those gains with growing repeat business and heightening customer loyalty.

As noted by Verint Systems Japan K.K. President Olivier Georlette (Shinjuku, Tokyo), “We are delighted to be partnered with this leading TV shopping channel company and very pleased for its success in maximizing its investment in Verint’s workforce optimization software, and in growing customer engagement, satisfaction and loyalty.”