OpenText signs strategic partnership with Intuitive Business Intelligence

PRESS RELEASE: Intuitive Business Intelligence announces that it has agreed a strategic partnership with global enterprise information management company, OpenText.

Customers of OpenText’s network fax server solution, RightFax, will now have access to Intuitive Dashboards to allow them to more efficiently and cost-effectively manage their RightFax systems. The partnership follows growing customer demand for a solution that allows users to accurately monitor RightFax’s performance and highlight where costs could be saved.

The new dashboards solution, branded ‘Intuitive Dashboards for RightFax’, is being launched at OpenText’s Enterprise World 2015 (8-13 November, MGM Grand, Las Vegas) and will be available to all RightFax users worldwide. European, African and Middle Eastern customers can access the solution immediately via their RightFax providers, including ProcessFlows (UK), Vox Telecom (S. Africa), Metastore (The Netherlands) and Solutions Middle East. The solution will be rolled-out to North and South American customers later this year.

ProcessFlows is an existing Intuitive Dashboards reseller and is very enthusiastic about Intuitive Dashboards for RightFax. Chris Thompson, managing director of ProcessFlows, says “It’s a brilliant product. In just two years we have developed an additional £0.5 million annual business using Intuitive Dashboards.”

Solutions Middle East is also expecting significant new business opportunities from the Intuitive Dashboards solution as Asad Sidiq, Executive VP of Solutions Middle East, explains, “We are anticipating that the dashboards will generate strong demand from existing customers, allowing us to extend our reach into our 3,500 strong customer base. We are also expecting it to appeal to new customers, providing us with that all-important foot in the door. Within the next 12 months, we are looking to generate over $0.5 million revenue from Intuitive Dashboards alone.”

OpenText chose to partner with Intuitive Business Intelligence after Intuitive demonstrated its ability to easily pull together key RightFax data and display it in an easy-to-understand, interactive, graphical format. The dashboards solution, which comes complete with a library of pre-packaged dashboards, also proved easy-to-use and to support, providing OpenText and its partners with a profitable new revenue stream from existing RightFax users. In addition, as the dashboards are browser-based, they can easily support the growing trend towards cloud-based faxing.

Roger Stocker, Sales Director of Intuitive Business Intelligence, says, “Users of faxing solutions are increasingly recognising the financial benefits of moving from telephone-based faxing to hybrid faxing solutions that leverage the cloud. Being browser-based, our dashboards support this trend, allowing RightFax customers to access key information about their systems, regardless of whether they are faxing via telephone lines or the cloud.”

Insight from Intuitive’s graphical dashboards allows analysis of RightFax usage trends and faxing errors, helping customers to quickly resolve any technical or capacity issues. The cost analysis dashboard also highlights any costly faxing activities so that customers can take remedial action to reduce faxing costs, such as by re-routing faxes via the cloud.

Stocker adds, “For the first time, RightFax users have a holistic view of how their system is operating and can enjoy instant access to key information, from identifying capacity issues through to interactive analysis of faxing costs. With this level of insight, users can be reassured that they’re obtaining maximum value from their RightFax investment.”