OpenTouch® TeamShare solution provides secure team collaboration in the cloud

PRESS RELEASE: ALE, operating under the brand Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise, has added a new capability to its OpenTouch® Personal Cloud collection of cloud based business applications. The new OpenTouch TeamShare collaborative application enables users to organise teamwork activities in workspaces while providing employees secure access to critical information anytime, anywhere.

Employees in businesses of all sizes are faced daily with issues on how to share large files securely, how to access files while on the road, and document version control. OpenTouch TeamShare integrates a range of daily functions, including document sharing and synchronisation with access rights management, calendar sharing, task management, and private chat.

OpenTouch Personal Cloud (OTPC), a hosted overlay solution, is a collection of business applications delivered using a consumption based service model. This provides businesses flexibility to deploy only what is needed. It also gives business partners the ability to respond quickly to customer needs and the opportunity to generate new revenue streams. The OTPC applications are hosted by ALE, giving Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise business partners a fast route to market with no investment required. OpenTouch TeamShare is the newest application offered in the OTPC suite.

With a unique user experience, OpenTouch TeamShare provides employees the capability to easily:

• Organise their business: Create workplaces while inviting participants to the workplaces and sharing projects.
• Stay synchronised: Share documents securely by dragging and dropping files in workplaces and working offline via TeamShare Drive, which synchronises the latest documents on the desktop.
• Facilitate teamwork: Collaborate beyond company borders and check outside project member availability.
• Manage projects: Assign tasks to project members while visually keeping track of the project status and how much time is spent. OpenTouch TeamShare also supports mobile employees as it is available on mobile devices and tablets, even employee-owned devices (BYOD).

The pricing model is simple and transparent as OpenTouch TeamShare is a pay as you go solution with no set up fee, no minimum monthly fee, and no time-based commitment.

Delivering OpenTouch TeamShare and all the OTPC applications exclusively through Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise partners, jointly creates value for systems integrators, VARs, and technology consultants, as they can now generate new revenue opportunities via subscription-based hosted applications and services. OpenTouch TeamShare offers these partners a limited risk and low investment to expand services for their customers. Additionally, businesses benefit from virtualised infrastructure and communications services which are device agnostic, deliver ubiquitous connectivity, simple access, and are always on and accessible from anywhere.

Dany Jennevé, head of ALE Cloud solutions “Providing applications that lead to secure and improved business outcomes is what businesses are seeking. OpenTouch TeamShare delivers on this so employees can share large files securely, access information anywhere at any time and keep projects moving along. Working with our business partners creates joint value with OpenTouch TeamShare as it is a simple, easy to deploy team-centric tool where other vendors offer user-centric, all-in-one tools that are complex to use for team collaboration.”