Sitel Provides Guidance on Seasonally Heightened Customer Care Demands

PRESS RELEASE: Sitel announced the availability of a whitepaper providing strategies and solutions for effectively managing seasonally heightened customer care demands. The paper, titled “Achieving High Performance During Peak Seasons,” leverages expertise gained from the Sitel Work@Home Solutions™ program in navigating customer service surges for some of the world’s leading brands.

Aligning contact center capacity with peak demands is one of the toughest challenges for customer relations executives across industries. Everything from gift-giving seasons to membership renewals, and new advertising campaigns can overload phone queues, email inboxes and Twitter streams, resulting in a frustrating customer experience, brand erosion and missed sales opportunities for businesses.

Sitel’s whitepaper provides insight to efficiently and economically provide exceptional customer experiences during peak seasons. It offers proven strategies to deliver consistent service across planned and unplanned surges, year round. This is achieved through activating geographically dispersed, specialized customer care agents with unique training, language capabilities and availability aligned to meet specific client needs – the key tenets of the Sitel Work@Home Solutions™ program.

“A scalable, flexible and highly secure customer service model is the key to successfully navigating increased seasonal surges. Sitel’s whitepaper will help key decision makers meet the demands and expectations of today’s multi-channel, multi-device marketplace,” said Sitel’s EVP, Chief Marketing & Infrastructure Officer, Sean Erickson. “These strategies, drawn directly from the Sitel Work@Home Solutions™ program, will enable brands to flawlessly accommodate seasonal volumes, meet capacity demands and deliver value-added outcomes.”

To download the whitepaper, visit Sitel Work@Home Solutions™ offers customer care, technical support, sales and more to optimize customer experiences and deliver stronger brand integrity in peak seasons.