WageWorks Builds on Customer Service Promise With Mattersight

PRESS RELEASE: Mattersight Corporation, the pioneer in personality-based software applications, announced that WageWorks, a leader in administering Consumer-Directed Benefits, has expanded its call center deployment of Mattersight’s award-winning routing solution.

Mattersight® Predictive Behavioral Routing identifies an individual caller’s personality type through analysis of customer history and a variety of behavioral data, then instantly connects that caller to the available call center agent with whom they’re most likely to have a positive personality connection. As a result, companies are capable of driving an immediate 10%-30% improvement in key metrics including customer satisfaction, sales, and loyalty.

WageWorks moved to a subscription of the routing solution in their call center after a successful pilot. Since expanding the deployment, they have realized higher customer satisfaction scores on calls routed via Mattersight.

“Providing a positive customer experience is central to our company’s mission,” said WageWorks Chief Operating Officer, Edgar Montes. “Mattersight Predictive Behavioral Routing significantly strengthens our ability to give our customers the most personalized level of service and support in the call center, and helps us to ensure that each transaction is as easy, stress-free and satisfying as possible.”

Mattersight President and CEO Kelly Conway says that results experienced by WageWorks and other clients challenge the notion that companies must choose between customer satisfaction and cost-effectiveness.

“Predictive Behavioral Routing gives customer-centric companies such as WageWorks a simple way to elevate the quality of their call center interactions while also realizing meaningful and consistent financial gains for their employees and investors. We are delighted with the positive outcomes WageWorks has seen so far, and we look forward to partnering with them to achieve even greater successes moving forward.”