Ventana Research Honors Calabrio Customer with 2015 Leadership Award for Contact Center and Call Center

PRESS RELEASE: Calabrio announced that Ventana Research has honored Calabrio customer Alexander Wareham, manager of planning, analytics and quality at AAA Western and Central New York (AAA WCNY), in the “Contact Center and Call Center” category of the 2015 Leadership Awards. The Leadership Awards are the largest business and technology leadership awards program in the industry, recognizing noteworthy individuals and organizations that have advanced business leadership by effectively utilizing their people, processes, information and technology to achieve the best outcomes.

Wareham was selected as a winner because of his ability to meet and exceed the expectations of AAA WCNY members through innovative use of customer engagement and analytics technology. His use of Calabrio ONE® not only strengthened agent performance and increased customer satisfaction but it helped AAA WCNY improve sales and grow revenue. With Calabrio, the company has created a unique and successful performance rating and reward system that keeps agents focused on improvement. As a result, AAA WCNY has boosted agent satisfaction, and performance levels are exceeding goals. Customers have noticed the difference too, as AAA has seen sales improve and customer satisfaction levels held high.

“We are proud to see Alex and AAA Western and Central New York be recognized for their leadership in customer engagement,” said Calabrio CEO Tom Goodmanson. “It is an honor to work alongside Alex and the AAA team to help the company truly understand its customers and as a result provide better customer service, meet company goals and ultimately drive revenue—that’s what success looks like for us.”

“Maintaining a top-of-the-line contact center is imperative to what we do,” said Wareham. “It’s rewarding to work with a company like Calabrio that has become an essential tool for our member strategy team in helping us meet the growing needs of our customers one hundred percent of the time.”

“The Leadership Awards are the most prestigious annual industry awards provided today that acknowledge and honor individuals and organizations for their accomplishments using technology to deliver the best value in achieving specific goals and objectives,” said Mark Smith, CEO and chief research officer of Ventana Research. “Congratulations to Alexander Wareham and AAA Western and Central New York for the leadership advancing contact centers and with use of Calabrio by applying best practices and technology that can not only advance, but also strengthen operational results with contact with the customer but the overall experience.”

The 2015 Leadership Awards identify business and IT leaders who are using technologies and applying best practices to provide the best possible outcomes in productivity, performance and support of an organization’s goals and objectives. The awards thus recognize pioneering leaders and organizations that embrace technology to drive change and increased value for organizations across the world.