BizReach Deploys Transera Integrated with Salesforce in Japan Contact Center

PRESS RELEASE: Transera announced that BizReach, a high growth membership-based outplacement firm, has deployed the company’s Global Omni-Channel Contact Center integrated with Salesforce in its Japan-based operations.

Contact Centre CLUB

Prior to working with Transera, BizReach relied on a web-based solution for managing its contact center operations. Yet, the system frequently experienced problems integrating customer records from the existing database, and customer calls were often disconnected or lost prior to resolution. These issues negatively impacted customer satisfaction rates and increased the overall cost of maintaining the contact center.

“We knew that integrating CTI capabilities into our contact center was a critical first step to improving customer satisfaction levels,” said Aya Ito, Manager at BizReach. “Transera provides our agents with real-time caller information from Salesforce, giving them the tools they need to be most effective. As a result, we’ve seen a dramatic improvement in call resolution outcomes across the contact center, and we successfully reduced call abandonment rates from 40 percent to less than 10 percent.”

Transera’s Global Omni-Channel Contact Center Solution creates a centralized cloud-based global queue from which it routes, distributes and records all interactions to specific agents or teams using real-world data across sites. By further integrating the solution with Salesforce, it also provides agents with a singular, unified desktop incorporating information from the Salesforce customer records database on a caller’s identity, history and intent for improved customer service and support.

“In today’s hyper-connected social world, providing an optimal customer service experience has become essential to a company’s reputation and its success,” said Arnab Mishra, president and chief operating officer at Transera. “By bringing together the wealth of customer information held in Salesforce with Transera’s integrated call center administration, routing, reporting and analytics capabilities, we’re making it much easier for companies to create a truly customer-centric call center experience, improving business performance while optimizing costs.”