ZOOM International Introduces Video and Telepresence Recording to Drive Personalized Customer Experience

PRESS RELEASE: ZOOM International announced today that its Workforce Optimization Solution for Cisco contact centers and back offices in Version 5.7 adds Video and Telepresence Recording to its offering, which captures, stores and manages video conversations so that nonverbal communication between customers and agents can be monitored and used to improve performance and customer experience.

“Face to face conversations evoke emotions, build trust and foster loyalty and that’s exactly what you want to achieve remarkable experience and boost productivity. Video-enabled contact centers and back offices can add these elements of communication to their daily operations while not being worried about security or compliance,” said Simon Vostry, CEO & Founder at ZOOM.

ZOOM Video & Telepresence Recording is a built-in, PCI-compliant and affordable solution which enables recording “almost as good as standing next to each other” conversations for legal compliance, expert consultations, innovative customer service experiences and interview analysis.

The solution extends ZOOM’s existing capabilities of recording voice and desktop screens with the possibility to record one-on-one video calls to better understand not only what was said during the conversation, but also what was implied though body language – facial expressions, gestures, eye contact – of the participants. ZOOM Video & Telepresence Recording supports a wide range of Cisco communication devices including Cisco Jabber clients and Telepresence endpoints and thus deepens the company’s tight integration with the Cisco Platform.

“ZOOM’s goal is to help contact centers use our products to transform their customer service to match the way modern customers expect. Today, we have over 1,400 customers around the world, and we want to help them deliver a more innovative and personalized experience to their customers.” added Simon Vostry.

Availability: ZOOM Video & Telepresence Recording is available today and it will be sold through our global network of ZOOM Certified Partners.