Synchronoss Enhances Its Activation Services Platform to Accelerate Customer Acquisition for Carriers and Channel Partners

PRESS RELEASE: Synchronoss Technologies announced the enhancement of the Synchronoss Activation Services Platform, the next-generation version of its market leading carrier-grade activation solution. Synchronoss currently provides a wide range of device and service activation services for some of the world’s largest carriers including AT&T, Reliance and Vodafone.

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The Synchronoss Activation Services Platform has been enhanced to be fundamentally more scalable, easily accessible and more distributable to our Communication Service Provider (CSP) customers as well as our broad portfolio of channel partners to dramatically simplify the activation and provisioning of new devices and services. It streamlines a variety of operations and processes, ranging from order management, device and service activation, through to customer care (including self-care). It also enables the easy addition of third party providers for the activation of bundled service offerings. By simplifying the order management and transaction process, the Synchronoss platform reduces operating costs for carriers and its channel partners.

The Synchronoss Activation Services Platform delivers a unified and consistent Omni-channel approach to activation and provisioning. It seamlessly integrates with existing Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems spanning in-store, online, contact center and mobile app channels. It also provides a solid foundation for carriers and channel partners to develop multi-channel order management and activation processes according to changes to their business models, products and other requirements. Its flexibility, interoperability and module-based functionality means it can be modified and customised according to the specific needs of individual carriers and CSPs, wherever they are in the world.

“Today’s market for connected devices and services is more complex and competitive than ever before for carriers and channel partners,” said Stephen Waldis, Founder, Chairman and CEO of Synchronoss. “Consumers own more devices and consume more services – moreover, they expect a fast and intuitive experience from their provider directly from the outset. The Synchronoss Activation Services Platform allows carriers and other service providers worldwide to meet these challenges with a powerful automated system that’s also flexible, robust and scalable to adapt to support CSPs’ changing service offerings and business needs.”

In addition, the Synchronoss Activation Services Platform includes built in end-to-end visibility and analytics features meaning carriers and channel partners can continually monitor and automatically optimize the customer experience for activating a new device or service. Reducing errors and delivering an enhanced customer experience results in higher conversion rates for new services and higher customer satisfaction levels, reducing operating costs associated with customer support.

The Synchronoss Activation Services Platform has six core components including: Order Manager, Orchestration Gateway, Workflow Manager, Front End Portals, Visibility Manager, and Product Catalogue.

Optional add-ons include: Fraud Verification, Notification Manager, Dynamic Work Queue Manager, Inbound Call Tracking Manager, Catalogue Manager, Identity Manager, IVR/ICT Manager, Bulk Order Process Manager, and Call to Order / Capture Manager.